Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wanted: information about impact of tax hike

Do you know of an Oregon business which will have to lay off workers or might even move out of state because of the impact of the retroactive tax hike voters passed on Tuesday?

If so, please send a message about it to: Please provide information, e.g. personal stories, news links, contact info, press releases, etc., that is verifiable and not hearsay.

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Anonymous said...

I was getting ready to reopen my Limited Energy Contracting Company in Oregon(I was on Chemo for 2 years and just getting over a long and arduous recovery).
With this new tax on top of all the other fees and charges I am looking at opening it in Washington.
As I understand it I will be taxed on my gross instead of my Net. For
a beginning business this can be death knell. No way to write off the start up cost and the reinvestment of profits to grow a starting business. Even if I do not take any pay I still pay taxes.
I still have to spend money with an accountant to see if it is worth my while to become an employer.
Who wants to work for nothing and put in all the extra hours starting up my business.
Better yet get rid of all the illegals and lets quite paying their freight,I bet the budget becomes manageable. Especially the schools. Why build more schools and hire more people to educate people who do not have the legal right to live here. At least charge them tuition.
Why not put a silver bullet in all Entrepreneurial enterprises.
Texas or Washington maybe even Tennessee are looking pretty good now.