Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

Not much a speech, really. I don't think he was very convincing.

First, stop the blame Bush already? How many times did he make some disparaging remark about the "last 8 years?" I stopped counting at 19.

He spoke about the economy like a person who thinks he is running "Federal Government Inc." Constantly said "we will invest in..." and talk about something the private sector does. His whole section on business vitality really showed his lack of understanding as to how an economy works and creates wealth.

He tried to be subtantative, but he doesn't do substance very well. He does inspiration well. So it was flat.

And he was constantly telling his lies: His health care bill will reduce the deficit by a trillion dollars and make Medicare stronger? Oh yeah we all believe that.


Me said...

"His health care bill will reduce the deficit by a trillion dollars and make Medicare stronger?"

For the life of me I can't understand why Obama and friends can possibly think people would buy such BS.
It's so incredibly unbelievable. Yet Obama and Co. don't even try wrapping in more credible rhetoric.

"Reduce the deficit and make Medicare stronger?"

It's stupid as well.

Why would anyone think "yeah it will save money?" Huh?
There is no such bill that has ever saved or will ever save money. It's mission creep in a massive way which requires more massive spending.

And if they wanted to reduce the deficit and strengthen Medicare they could just do it without the healthcare swindle.

MAX Redline said...

That thing could have been cut-and-pasted from snippets of the speeches he's given during his career of campaigning. It had all the usual stuff: the narcissism, the bashing of Bush. The only real differences involved his bashing of SCOTUS for daring to uphold the First Amendment and his suggestion that we need to build more nuke plants. The latter, of course, was a pretty safe move, as he knows full well that it'll never happen in this country.

Oh, there was another small surprise: he owned up to bearing some of the blame for not explaining his health care agenda in sufficiently simple terms that would be understandable to Americans. The subtext is that Americans are stupid, and incapable of actually rejecting his agenda. No, they simply don't understand it, so it's his bad for not explaining things in simple terms.