Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I suppose they want to be exempt from paying this tax?

Did you catch Anna Griffin's column today lamenting that Washington, DC has scooped Portland on having a 5 cent plastic bag tax?

She thinks it is just a dandy idea, because of all the environmental devastation caused by the bags. She's all embarrassed that DC did it before Portland.

She might be even more embarrassed when her employer points out that such a tax could cost the paper millions. Every single morning my copy of the Oregonian is delivered in a plastic bag. I find them useful. Not only do they keep the paper dry, but they make wonderful dog-poop bags.

If half of the Oregonian's papers are delivered in these bags, a 5 cent tax would work out to about $2.3 million per year.

Is it possible that Anna Griffin didn't consider that her own employer might be subject to such a tax? What possible rationale would there be for their plastic bags to be exempt from the tax?


Anonymous said...

Maybe she doesn't care, and still thinks it's a good idea.

Also, the Oregonian probably won't have to pay for the bags - they use a system of independent contractors (or did) to deliver the paper. The contractor pays the costs of rubber bands, plastic bags, etc... not the Oregonian.

Anonymous said...

In the real world, the Oregonian has to pay its independent contractors more if it forces them to pay for rubber bands, plastic bags and etc then if it provided those items. Economic ignorance is a terrible thing.

Anonymous said...

Since when does The Oregonian operate in the 'real world'?

Me said...

Many mornings my paper comes in two plastic bags. Double bagged, one from each direction.

I don't think Anna has any real unerstanding either plastic bags or the landfills they end up in.

Landfills today are lined and the fill is really a layered mounding with dirt layers and a liner cap covered in dirt.

There is no leaching, no spreading no poisening and no problem from the plastic bags.

If Anna really wants to report on environmental problems she should try researching on Portland's antiquated West Hills sewer system.

A system which has it's main lines in the watershed stream corridors and regularly, year after year, has multiple breaks spilling sewage into the streams.
The Green city pays fines and neglects it.

Anonymous said...

Anna Griffin is the poster child for an east coast transplant who came here to help create their idea of utopia. She showed up about four years ago and claims to be the "real Portland". What a laugh.

MAX Redline said...

I unsubscribed several years ago. Their people don't seem to cover actual issues well.

They kill trees, wrap them in plastic, and deliver them by motor vehicle. I don't have a problem with any of this, as trees are a renewable resource, and petrochemicals are hardly in short supply.

They practice exactly the opposite of what they preach.

That's why I zeroed them out several years ago.

Propaganda should be free.

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