Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Election night thoughts

I watched MSNBC for awhile tonight, and if their reaction to Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts is any indication as to how the Democrats will respond, this next year could be pretty interesting.

The various commentators - Keith Olberman, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow - all agreed that the Democrats should use any and all maneuvers they can think of to shove the health care bill through. They all said that the worst thing that could happen now is to lose the health care bill.

I hope the Democrats follow this advice.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Democrats should cram this emerging health care bill through.

What could be better for Republicans than to have Democrats fall on their own sword by passing this horrible bill despised by both sides and opposed by a super majority of Americans?

Well if they then try and pass an amensty bill and a cap and trade bill that would be even sweller.

John Benton said...

I hope that this trend will spill over to thwart Oregon liberal politics. Could you ask your friend Hannah if he would like to run against Wyden?