Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some pretty questionable calls in the OT. Every 50/50 call went to the Saints, and that pass interference call was idiotic. For a ref to insert himself into that situation is just horrible. It very well might have changed the outcome, and it was not only an not catchable, but there wasn't even any contact.

But, with apologies to General Larry Platt, here is the Viking's theme song for the game:

Ball on the ground! Ball on the ground! Vikes look like fools puttin' the ball on the ground! Got punched in the mouth/Favre's helmet turned sideways. Can't win the game puttin' the ball on the ground! "


Rick La Greide said...

Yea, the fix was in. What was there, 8 calls reviewed in overtime. Bah!

Anonymous said...

Overtime in the NFL should allow each team at least one possession.
Nuff said