Sunday, January 17, 2010

Does he listen to himself?

I just turned on the TV, and caught the end of the 60 Minutes Andy Rooney segment. It was another one of those pointless chats. He was talking about how much he likes cold days, because it feels good to keep warm.

Then he says he doesn't like air-conditioned air because it feels artificial, and says that he always smiles when he sees a label on a machine that says 'climate controlled."

He finishes:

"It isn't possible to control the climate. The climate goes its own way without worrying about what we want."

Now, I know Andy Rooney is a famous liberal. I would be shocked if he doesn't buy the whole global warming agenda lock stock and barrel. I wonder if he realizes what he said?

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Anonymous said...

Does he listen to himself? Of course not. Why would he? Nobody else does!