Saturday, February 03, 2007

Let's make a deal

I've got a proposal for global warming alarmists:

I will agree to reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide. The question of whether CO2 causes global warming is far from settled - in fact, there are good reasons to believe that it doesn't.

But for the sake of argument, and to get all you alarmists to stop nagging us about making dramatic changes to our lifestyle to save the planet, I'll stipulate that we will reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere, and you stop trying to change the way we all live. Deal?

How far down do you want it? Say, to Kyoto levels?

OK, here's the plan: Embark on a national tree planting program sufficient to remove enough CO2 from the air to meet the targeted level of atmospheric CO2.

Trees are wonderful storage places for CO2. A big tree weighs a lot, and a lot of that weight is carbon. So instead of parking our cars, or taxing oil, or doing all the other things that you've all been telling us to do, let's just plant trees.

Everyone likes trees, right? Plus they are very useful.

So, how about it? Assume for the sake of argument that planting trees would absorb enough CO2 to meet the targets - will you take this deal?


Chris McMullen said...

No Rob, they'll complain about tree planting as well. Seems there's problems with the water table being effected where trees are planted in areas they don't grow naturally.

These kooks won't be happy until we all live in massive communes and the US is brought to its knees.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kremer, I will thank you to stop trying to insert science and logic into a religious debate.

Anonymous said...

We could live in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, and the Progs would be complaining about how narrow minded he is, and they don't spend enough on mass transit (except for Mr. Trolley) or bike lanes, and there is inadequate density to create a world class city.

The Progressive Cabal is much more interested in telling Red Staters how stupid/selfish/greedy they are and how they're going to fix/tax/legislate us into left-way living.

Anonymous said...

got some global warming propaganda at the "blue man group" concern last night

Mick said...

Perhaps if you and your various anonymous commenters would cease insulting progressives and "explaining" their agenda, you could find some middle ground with them.

I'm pretty sure that most people would agree planting more trees is a good thing. Obviously, you are going somewhere with this but have not finished it. Is there some proof that planting trees would reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

Anonymous said...

hi mick. there's this website called "google" where you can find out answers to questions such as yours without relying on someone else to do the work.

Mick said...

Thanks for keeping the tone civil, anonymous.

Your link had no science.

Rob Kremer said...


Try this link:

As far as I could find it doesn't have the answer to whether we could plant enough trees to suck up enough co2 to meet Kyoto levels, but there is a ton of stuff there on all sorts of co2 issues, "carbon sequestration" being one of them.

One thing of interest I learned there was that data from the Vostok ice cores gives temp and co2 levels data from the last 400,000 years. Taking the highest temp period from this data, we are now 3 degrees cooler, but we have 3 times as much co2 in the atmosphere now.

Which in my view calls into question the co2 hypothesis in a big way.

Take a look at the site - there is ton of interesting stuff for nerds like me.