Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'll bet Rex is a card carrying member

Get a load of this list at - a web site that pushes for sustainability.

The funny thing is that people can propose these things and not be immediately discredited. In fact, Rex Burkholder has proposing similarly extreme things for years and he's still considered a mainstream guy.

Remember - I am not making this stuff up - it is on the front page of the web site!

10 SOLUTIONS that are feasible, sustainable, safe, and healthy:

1. An immediate and permanent moratorium on all new major road construction and expansions. (Every additional dollar spent building and widening roads digs us deeper into our dangerous oil / auto addiction, and increases global warming)

2. An immediate and permanent moratorium on all new airport construction and expansions, as well as an end to all aviation subsidies. In addition, an end to oil industry subsidies.

3. A huge increase in funding for Amtrak, and the rapid construction of a new nationwide train network. This should connect every city, town, and neighborhood with an efficient, state-of-the-art electric train network comparable to what is currently operating all across Europe and Japan. This should be built to transport both passengers and all the cargo now moved by very inefficient trucks. Trains are by far the most energy efficient form of transportation that greatly reduces global warming, saves lives, and encourages compact, walkable communities.

4. The rapid tripling of minimum vehicle miles per gallon standards for all vehicles produced in America - accomplished by a quick and complete conversion of all automobile manufacturing facilities to the building of only hybrid, solar, and fully electric vehicles. Government car purchases made each year should be switched to buying only hybrids and fully electric cars. It is estimated that the entire U.S. government purchases well over one million new vehicles each year - the sum total of Federal, State, & Local Government agencies, municipalities, counties, highway patrol, sheriff, police and fire departments, etc. The real solution is to eventually stop making cars altogether by a phased retooling of the auto industry into manufacturing trains (much like during the second world war when they switched to building military equipment).

5. An immediate moratorium on the building of any additional sprawl. Sprawl is probably the single largest contributor to oil addiction and global warming due to it's very design (or lack of). Sprawl forces everyone to drive many miles daily for everything, which in turn requires constant road expansions, encouraging more cars and driving, and more sprawl. Its a vicious cycle consuming ever more oil, and spewing out more pollution, making global warming continually worse.

6. A major focus of federal, state, and local governments on New Urbanism and Transit Oriented Development - the revitalization and densification of all existing cities and towns across America into walkable, mixed-use communities, with pedestrians and bicycles given top priority over automobiles, and a serious focus on bicycles and trains as the major forms of transportation. Included would be millions of affordable housing units and high quality neighborhood schools located so all children can walk or bike to them.

7. An immediate moratorium on the construction of any new coal fired or nuclear power generating plants. Contrary to what some are saying - that nuclear is a "clean energy" solution to global warming - nuclear power is far from clean. The waste it produces is the most toxic substance known to humankind, remaining deadly radioactive for many thousands of years, and no safe way to store or dispose of it.

8. The rapid construction of massive new solar and wind power generating capacity all across America, from large-scale installations to smaller neighborhood and roof-top units. Also, the immediate installation of new hydropower generating capacity in the form of coastal wave and tidal energy capture.

9. The rapid installation of full roof solar panels on every building in America.

10. The rapid installation of major organic farms at the edge of every city and town across America. In addition to this, the rapid planting of millions of trees across America.


Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

Sure, sure, let's put all these new ideas in place now. Starting in, lets say, Dunthorpe.

Anonymous said...

This kind of communistic crap makes my blood boil.

Don Smith said...

Wow. It's true, you can't make it up. I love the bit about phasing out cars altogether. Yeah, I'm going furntiure shopping by train. And grocery shopping. And out at night on foot. Holy crap.

And the stuff about nuclear? These people are so uninforned they're dangerous. What fifth-grade propaganda-fed kid wrote this?

Anonymous said...

Don Smith stole my line.

This screed reads like the manifesto of a slow fifth grader fed a steady diet of propaganda.

How addled does one's mind have to be to beleive any of this is workable? I know marijuana is the number one cash crop in this state, but even in my misspent stoner youth I was NEVER this high!

Anonymous said...

I know this looks like a "screed" and a "manifesto," but perhaps if we do some research into Peak Oil and Global Warming, we might come to the same conclusion that business as usual is no longer an option. Just a thought.

The sites below have contributors from across the political spectrum (not really poitical at all), and are not just left-wing nuts.

And definitely check out the Energy Updates from Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett:

Dave McGrath said...

Don't know what y'all are doing... but last fall when I went to the local "school forest" for annual winter wood harvest (I need 7 cords per winter to heat the house in Idaho) there was no longer any "dead and down" wood to be found.

This summer I am installing passive solar heating. The darn thing about all of this is: when the economics of scarcity start kicking in, the costs for remedial actions (e.g. passive solar roofs, hybrid cars, etc.) will skyrocket.

Conservatives like y'all should know that. Therefore: harvest now. The winter cometh.

Anonymous said...


I just came across this blog - wonder what you think now, Rob Kremer, that gas has seen $4 per gallon...

Next year we'll wax nostalgic about the "good old days" when gas was only $4 per gallon.

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