Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rex Burkholder strikes again

I went to lunch today, sat down and started reading the Portland Tribune. One of the lead stories is about Rex Burkholder's Regional Transportation Plan.

I read the very first paragraph, and literally laughed out loud. I can't beleive the writer, Jim Redden, could write something so patently ridiculous. It read:

"Led by Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder, officials at the regional planning agency repeatedly have said that building new highways is no longer the solution for the area’s growing congestion problems."


When exactly did Rex Burkholder ever think that adding road capacity was the solution? Did he have a change of heart? Did he advocate building new roads all these years and then realize that it wasn't working?

What a crock. This region has been squandering transportation revenues on everything but roads for the last 30 years, ever since the Mt. Hood Freeway was killed to pay for the first MAX line. For decades the mantra has been that we "can't build our way out of congestion."

Now, in 2007, after Rex's idiotic transportation dogma has caused congestion to grow more quickly than any other urban area, the newspaper reports that building roads is NO LONGER the solution?

Are we supposed to consider the Trib as a serious newspaper?


OregonGuy said...

Don't forget: the state owned all the land needed to build the Mount Hood Freeway. It was never a pipe dream, never an undoable project. It was doable, the parts were in place. The land was secured.

What failed us was our governor.

Next time your stuck in traffic, remember where Progressives really want you to go.

Anonymous said...

To answer your last question first, no, the Tribune is not a serious newspaper.

It is a vanilla me-too rag that is totally bought into the Oregon establishment view of everything from land-use to schools.

It's as fresh as the week old fish carcasses that it is meant to wrap.

I want to puke every time I accidentally see the "sustainable life" section.

And read their cheerleading for the "rethinking" process.

What a freaking crock.