Sunday, February 11, 2007

George Taylor, Oregon State Climatologist

So Governor Kulongoski doesn't want a guy running around calling himself Oregon's State Climatologist and arguing that humans aren't causing global warming.

After all, Kulongoski has finally found his issue. He's going to make Oregon the Mecca for sustainability, alternative fuels and all things low carbon. This is going to be his legacy. So he can't really have George Taylor being so off message.

Taylor used to be the State Climatologist, but that official state position was eliminated some time ago. Oregon State University, where he works, gave him the title and funds his position. Kulongoski wants the legislature to establish the position again, and take the title away from Taylor.

I have the solution. Kulongoski can have his State Climatlogist. I'm sure he or she will be completely bought in to the global warming alarmism. And George Taylor, he works at Oregon State. He's their climatologist.

So he will be the "Oregon State Climatologist!"


Anonymous said...

an effort to silence one's opponents in this manner is a sign of the weakness in one's own arguments. whether george taylor has the title of "state climatologist" or not, he speaks the truth. and kulongoski and other global warming alarmists can't have that.

OregonGuy said...

Isn't it about time the adults got to sit at the table? At what point do we end up asking ourselves "What about the issues of state? How do we pay for the services we must provide?" before we run off to do the business of the galaxy?

For a state that ranks 39th in population density, and 45th in employment, wouldn't you think a governor, or a government, would want to do something about these facts? Do you want Oregon to be the next national Arkansas?

It's not an anti-Oregon expression to want someone, anyone, to solve the earnest problems of governance. It's just that this Governor wants to play Three Card Monte and we need to pretend it's leadership.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where to buy George Taylor's book on Climate?