Thursday, February 01, 2007

IPCC Policymaker's Summary Released Tomorrow

By the time I get up in the morning it will probably already have happened - the IPCC report summary on global warming will have been released.

In France, to commemorate the event, they are turning the Eiffel Tower lights off for five minutes to coincide with the time of the release. If you understand this, perhaps you can explain it to me.

There is a lot of hullaboo around this release, because supposedly it will be even more definite on the question of whether the earth is warming.

But this isn't even the actual report - the release tomorrow is the "policymaker's summary," that is written by the government bureaucrats who sit on the UN's IPCC committee. There are hundreds of scientists who work on and submit materials and writing for various chapters of the report, and that full report won't be released for months.

So the governments on the IPCC panel sit down and decide how to summarize what the report says, and in doing so, the policymakers summary reflects mostly the official position of the various governments, not the science.

So the summary is a political document, sold as a scientific document.

In 1995, the policymaker's summary said of the report: "The balance of the evidence suggests there is a discernable human impact on global temperature."

But Chapter 8, which was the chapter that dealt with global mean temperature, basically contradicted that statement. Embarrassed, the IPCC board actually deleted the offending language from chapter 8 that contradicted their summary!

This is documented and factual. They actually doctored the report so that it would not contradict their summary of the report! Yet the IPCC is still today considered to be a credible, science-based body.

And tomorrow we get another IPCC summary. I wonder if any news organization will question the veracity of their statements, and point out what happened in 1998? Yeah right. No, this will be above the fold all weekend, accepted with unquestioned credulity by a mainstream press that long ago decided not to do its job on this issue.

Just wait for the campaign to adorn Al Gore's mantle with the Nobel right next to his Oscar!


Mick said...

While it's true that Chapter 8 was modified, it was done with the participation and permission of the Convening Lead Author, who claims that the none of the changes were politically motivated.

Rob Kremer said...

Ahh, that might be, Mick. But guess what? They choose their chapter lead authors quite carefully. Talk to the contributing authors who had their language edited - they weren't quite so complacent about the edits, now were they? In fact, they objected strenuously.

Mick said...

Do you have a link for that?

Anonymous said...

There you have it Rob - the French have solved the global warming problem. Turn off the lights on the Eiffel Tower for five minutes each and every day and problem solved, those clever French.

However I don't think it will affect the real culprit of the CO2 problem which are under-sea volcanoes - but no reason to let facts get in the way of hysteria and rhetoric.