Monday, November 16, 2009

Read this, but make sure there are no firearms nearby

Because I guarantee you will want to shoot someone after reading it.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore... I always wondered how he could go from a networth of $2M after leaving in 2000, to a networth of $1B after cap-n-trade kicks in. Now I know how.

Warren Buffet bought $5B in depressed Goldman Sachs stock for $75 a share less than 12 months ago. It is now over $180 a share. Smart money.

Anonymous said...

These assholes create no value whatsoever, just bleed off as much private capital as they can into their asset bubbles, then go short on the way down.

Paulson, Rubin, Corzine: the three racketeers.

Anonymous said...

The there's Madoff who said he was amazed he didn't get caught much earlier because it would have been so easy to spot what he was doing.

With GS having the goverment class tied up dancing around in circles our feds can't function in even the most fundemental way of regulating.
Our goverment is too big to function.

MAX Redline said...

It's no surprise that the Paulsons love Portland. If there's one thing at which they truly excel, it's sniffing out rube politicians.

Roadrunner said...

I guarantee you will want to shoot someone after reading it.

And that is why I post anonymously on right-wing blogs. Violent thoughts can lead to violent actions.

Anonymous said...

I read your 'bat crap, Roadkill. FWIW, you comment on center-right blogs, and we live in a center-right nation. You are an extreme leftist. That's why everything looks so wrong to you.

Roadrunner said...

So, anon 2:09, are you saying that the Democratic Party and Barack Obama are "center-right", since they won by significant margins in the 2008 elections?

It's funny, lefties tend not to have a problem with righties commenting on their blogs (see BlueOregon for an excellent example), but righties seem insulted by lefties commenting on their blogs.

You'd think they'd take it as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Obama campaigned as center-right. By 2.5:1, more folks thought Obama, rather than McCain, would cut their taxes. This is what the lamestreams led them to believe.

If Obama had campaigned as he is governing, he would not have won. Because now Obama is governing from the extreme left.

That's why he has lost the non-partisan, independent voters who represent the center-right of a center-right country.

Anonymous said...


You can't comprehend anything so your mind drifts around in your imaginary world coughing up one miscaracterization and misintepretation after another.

The progessive clone.

MAX Redline said...

FWIW, I suspect it's best to ignore Roadbat's intrusions. Certainly, I plan to ignore them in the future. There's no point to rewarding idiocy with feedback; it just encourages the trolls.

Roadrunner said...

Yes, Max, better to ignore the truth, such as this little bit from Jeff Mapes:

Funny, NW Republican ran with the original G.O.P. line, then took their post down, without comment, after Mapes ran his story. But it's still cached:

Roadrunner said...

Ooops, linked to the wrong Mapes story:

Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree that Roadrunner is a typical leftwing angercrat who is trying to use center-right blogs as some kind of shout-therapy to treat his health disorder.

The most significant aspect of this to consider is that, if Roadrunner is doing this, then there are many other people who are probably harboring the same disturbance but at less-than-threshold levels.

That's why, under ObamaCare, folks like Roadrunner will not be turned away due to their preexisting conditions. They will no longer be made to feel like pariahs, existing outside of the community network, the social fabric of our great nation of great communities.

By having access to affordable healthcare, folks like Roadrunner will be able to seek treatment from the specialists of their choice. They can gain access to a wider variety of modalities to treat their health disturbances.

Perhaps most importantly to the readers of this blog, when folks like Roadrunner get the kind of health care that a decent society ought to provide, they will no longer have to use blogs like this for shout-therapy.

Then, you will have a more peaceful forum to work through your own issues. A forum that will not be disrupted by the likes of Roadrunner.

After all, he's just a typical leftwing blogger, a decent, caring union member but one with a health disorder that verges on disability. And under the current rules, he's out of the game.

Now that we can finally begin to put the last 8 years behind us, and are gaining some distance from the failed policies of the past, I hope you'll join me ... in playing the online game:

Obama's Coup Fails: here

Roadrunner said...

Hey, Anon, why don't you address the issue of the Oregon G.O.P. putting out demonstrably false information, local righty blogs parroting their disinformation, then failing to post a correction when it's made clear that what they've posted is, in Sarah Palin's words, bull crap?

As far as "center-right blogs", I haven't come across any. Oh, Rob and Ted and Gully and Miglavs may think they're "center-right", but they are, in fact, hard right. If they're center right, then Dwight Eisenhower was far left.

MAX Redline said...

Anon 958,

I used to use Blogger, and there is one useful feature in the platform: if you click on Roadbat's name, his/her comment box disappears. This is a really useful tool for getting past the dissembling.

A technique frequently employed by the Left - and used constantly by the bat - is to run into a conservative site and attempt to hijack the thread. In order to have an actual conversation of the topic at hand, you have to ignore his "contributions".

Rob's post involved the RS article which notes From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression - and they're about to do it again, and when you read through it, as Rob noted, you may very well be tempted to go hunting for these villains.

Goldman Sachs has found ways to weasel into the higher echelons of every administration over the past several decades, and always at the expense of our country. Consistently, they enrich themselves to the detriment of virtually everybody else.

Goldman desperately needs to be dismantled, yet they remain firmly entrenched even within the administration of "Hope'n'Change".

Roadrunner said...

Well, gee, Max, I commented at NWR about his simply removing, without comment, a post with bogus information.

However, Ted removed my comments. He apparently doesn't like being held accountable. Which is typical of those on the right--they're all for others to be held accountable, not themselves? Not so much.

So, like the case with Mr. Conlon, who also posted bogus information, then removed it without comment when found out, I'm posting about Ted's bad behavior where others will see it.

Anonymous said...

Well, the dust has cleared, but the sting is still felt after reading the article.

Goldman-Sachs is a non-partisan or is that all-partisan operation.

Question: What to do to reign it in?

Balancing of competing interests.

How can anybody read this article (assuming it is factual) and say government has no role to play in restraining a preditory actor like Goldman-Sachs?

But how to reign them in and still retain a vibrant market?

I think it makes you take off your ideological filter and be pragmatic and results oriented.

Anonymous said...

The left of center is willing to let their ideology of cap-n-trade to be "gamed" by the likes of Goldman-Sachs and others to the detriment of the average American citizen and the right of center is willing to let their ideology of unrestrained free markets be "gamed" by the likes of Goldman-Sachs and others to the detriment of the average American citizen.

So, the question is how to resolve this kind of problem to the benefit of the average American citizen?

Put your thinking caps on everybody.