Friday, November 06, 2009

Fort Hood shooting reaction

As the details start to roll in about the Fort Hood shooting, it seems more and more obvious that the shooter was indeed motivated by Muslim extremism. Reports of him yelling "Allah Akbar" as he fired the shots should be a pretty good hint as to his motive.

Which makes even more ridiculous the reaction from Congressman Jim McDermott I just heard on the radio. He said the shooting was a "symptom of a stressed military," and showed the need for "mental health counseling." He was quoted as saying we need to end the "stigma" associated with seeking mental health services.

So McDermott thinks that Hasan, who was a mental health medical professional, might not have passed out new bellybuttons to his military colleagues if a sense of shame had not kept him from seeking out mental health counseling?

This guy is such a dope.


Ex-European said...

Conclusions are a bit premature…But yes,“This guy is such a dope.”.

Just look here for his analysis of government helathcare. I added my comments to his analysis as Ex-European. (BTW, I added the same comments to his cross posting on the Huffington Post and they censored half of them!!!).

Charley B said...

Rob, once again we find that the only persons not armed during a rampage were the good guys. Is it time to require all sworn military persons to be armed? Any one of them could be some place when an armed trained person is needed to help those being cut down by a rampaging shooter.

After all, it's obvious now that anyone (cop, military personnel, chaplain, civilian, Dr, anyone) can get a gun and go terrorist anytime, anywhere. So why not arm those who can protect us 24-7.

One last thing about this particluar shooter. There were so many signs it is almost criminal that the army missed this. Is this what they really mean by don't ask don't tell? Are we really so PC even in the military now that expressing anti-American sentiment, and/or sympathizing with suicide bombers is OK?

This individual, despite any religious beliefs or mental illness, acted in the most cowardly way possible. Entering a facility with unarmed persons to slaughter our kids, knowing they were not armed. Coward Coward Coward!

Anonymous said...

The "stigma" associated with seeking mental health services is so disconnected with this incident, McDermott's statement would be laughable under less tragic circumstances.

Maybe he can explain why two high school councilors at Oregon City (who students are required to consult before graduating,) have committed suicide within two years.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there hasn't been a suggestion of "Pre tramatic stress syndrome" where the anticipation of serving in battle causes the same effects as actually serving.

Next "worry" will be labeled a disorder.