Thursday, November 12, 2009

Phil Keisling report on PERS

Former Secretary of State Phil Keisling has drafted a report on the current problems with PERS. Bojack got a copy of it, and I read the thing tonight.

It is quite simply the seminal work explaining the so very complicated structure of PERS and its dizzying problems. The report is more than 50 pages including the footnotes and appendices, but it is very readable.

Making something this complex readable is no easy task.

Keisling is the last Democrat I voted for. I have gotten to know him quite well over the years, as we have had many a conversation over breakfasts and lunches. He has always had my respect.

Now he has my sincere thanks for providing a resource we can all use and refer to when we need a more complete understanding of PERS.

Thank you, Phil Keisling!


Anonymous said...

Secretary of State Phil Keisling. That was before Kate Brown and Bill Bradbury. That was back when the office of Secretary of State and the State Elections Division were not hellbent on blind partisanship and using that office for blatantly political ends.

Keisling is not a conservative, to be sure. But he is a straightshooter and has earned a lot of respect even since he left office. And now that he has seen the initiative from the other side of the fence and knows what that office does to sabotage the process, it would be nice to have him back there.

Anonymous said...

For a state where everything is supposed to be "sustainable" you have to wonder how they can keep sweeping the unsustainable PERS problem under the wrong. Just shows the lock the PEU's have on the leadership of this state.

Robert Collins

Anonymous said...

"rug"... not wrong.

MAX Redline said...

Keisling is a good enough guy, but completely misunderstands the PERS system. To his credit, he acknowledges that.

Anonymous said...

Keisling, a good guy?
I think not.

Cheated on VBM campaign,,,and he knows it.

Yur going soft RK.

Anonymous said...

Phil Keisling is doing nothing more than making sure his own nest of PERS benefits is secure. He was in government a few years - and got out 10 years ago! Now that he's over the hill he wants to make sure there is some money left in the PERS cookie jar for himself. He's not a democrat, and he's not a republican. He's a carpet bagger.