Saturday, November 21, 2009

PAC-10 is the most entertaining football in the nation

The country was treated to two incredibly entertaining PAC-10 football games today, which put all the other games on TV all day long to shame.

Stanford lost a heartbreaker to Cal when their terrific freshman QB threw an interception on the five yard line with a little over a minute to go. Had they scored a TD, they would have led by a point.

Meanwhile, Oregon and Arizona were playing a classic. What a game! Oregon tied it with 6 seconds left in the game, then won it in the second overtime.

Tbe only game even close to this entertainment value was watching an overrated LSU botch a comeback attempt against Ole Miss. Needing a field goal to win, they made a miracle 4th and 26 conversion with one second left on the clock, but didn't have their field goal team ready to take the field! The QB lined up under center and spiked the ball, which was ridiculous because it was the last play of the game.

Who knows what either he or LSU's coach was thinking. But what can you expect from a guy whose very name, Les Miles, exudes bad grammar.

The PAC-10 has been entertaining all year long. Who knows whether our top teams would beat Texas, Alabama, Texas Tech or Florida (I think we would give them a run for their money) but just from a fan's perspective, there is no more entertaining league in the country.

And speaking of the top PAC-10 teams .... that would be Oregon and Oregon State.

The Civil War will be for the the league title and a trip to the Rose Bowl. Unreal.

December 3rd is going to be an interesting night.


OregonGuy said...

Am I the only guy who was wondering what was going through Chip Kelly's head at 7:41 in the 4th, going for it on fourth down?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only girl who was wondering WHY grandma needed a birthday diner on THAT night at the ONLY table in the restaurant that could only see the bottom left inch of the TV?

So much for a grandmother's love....

rural resident said...

Rob, somewhat related but a little off the subject, what's happening with Nick Lomax from LO? Is he redshirting this year? With Moevao out for OSU, he would seem to be a logical backup if he's on the active roster?

Thinking back to the early 1980s and the awful state of football at Oregon's two largest universities, did anyone back then ever think we would live long enough to see the two schools in a one-game showdown for the Rose Bowl?

Rob Kremer said...

Funny you should ask! My son just left to go to over to his house, just getting back from school for Thanksgiving.(Actually, it is Jack, not Nick. Nick is the older brother.)

Jack is indeed redshirted this year. It's a very competitive situation, and whether he is high on the depth chart next season will be up to him. He's got the talent. Needs to get bigger, and the effort required to play at that level is immense.

L.O. Fan said...

What Rob isn't telling you is that his son Jeff and Jack Lomax were the two leaders of the Lake Oswego football team last year that was ranked #1 all year and made it to the state final.

Jack was the offensive player of the year for both the league and the whole state, and Jeff was defensive player of the year for the league, and was runner-up in the voting for the state.

(And if L.O. had won the state title game, there is little doubt that Jeff would have finished first in the state POY vote. Ironically, it was L.O's offense that lost that game!)

Jack is a big talent, a legit D1 QB type if he can grow some bulk. But Jeff was the heart and soul of the team. A 200 pound nose tackle who dominated games. It was fun to watch.

How is Jeff doing at Duke, Rob? (Hie is playing baseball in college.)

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched Jack play since middle school, but he was sure sharp!