Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shrinking our way to prosperity

I am sorry for the disrespectful language, but is our governor really this much of a dumbass?

He's in New York City the other day, telling the Times that we have to produce less. That's right, Governor. We can solve our problems by producing fewer consumers goods. That will make us better off!

Of course he doesn't understand that for something to be consumed, it has to first be produced. So when he sits down for his moral preening session with the New York Times (who also don't understand simple economic principles) he tells them how hard it is for him to lecture us hick Oregonians about being too materialistic, unwilling to cut back on consumption to save the planet.

He is on a higher moral plane that can only be appreciated in the offices of the nearly bankrupt New York Times.

I guess Governor Kulongoski must think that he is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. With unemployment at 12.1%, obviously his policies are already making sure we are producing and consuming less!

A stunning success! The planet feels better already!


Anonymous said...

This is one of the problems you run in to when you elect someone to high office who has spent his entire life as a government employee. Being driven around, living in a house he doesn't have to pay for, having his meals prepared and served to him, he has a very skewed view of what the real world is like. No real person could possibly understand - or agree with - these idiotic comments by the Governor.

Anonymous said...

Save the world, put all of us in poverty.

Good idea Killen jobs ski

David Appell said...

"Growth for the sake of growth is the philosophy of the cancer cell."

-- Edward Abbey

Anonymous said...

It isn't right - our governor wants to force us all into a lifestyle we don't want, which is entirely self destructive. It's communistic.

Me said...

David you dip ship,

What was it you were trying to say where you can't spit it out instead of posting some quote we're supposed to use to read your empty orb?
Typical liberal mind.
Pretending that inferring something is a deep and thoughtful way of expression.
What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Oregon Wilderness "Moonsuit" Tours is closer to becoming a reality.

Thanks Ted, we needed that.

Anonymous said...

David Appell IS the cancer.

Roadrunner said...

Actually, David, via Edward Abbey, brings up a good point.

Our current economic system is based on the cancer model--continual, uncontrolled growth.

Once upon a time, we had and enforced laws that countered this cancerous tendency, but they've been little enforced in the last 30 years or so.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the entire record of human history demonstrates that it is creeping fascitic corporate-socialism that is cancerous. Freedom is not the problem. Leftists David 'One Bad' Appell and Roadbat are just trying to do a Saul Alinsky on this blog. Shame on them.

Me said...

Roadrunner, like Appell, can't even explain his own contention.

"uncontrolled growth"?

Now if he was talking about uncontrolled growth of goverment he'd be spot on and it could easily be explained.

But no, he, the idiot, is babbling about the need for more government for more control of growth.
He's just having a tough time spitting it out.
Libs, troubled fools blathering nonsense.

Roadrunner said...

Oh, yes, anon 8:12, presenting a different opinion is "fascitic".

After all, the enemy of an open society is rational discourse.

Anonymous said...

No RR, not 'differing' opinion. 'Your' opinion. Now please, again, explain to us how the National Socialist German Workers Party bosses and the Italian Fascisti were such benevolent Progressives. The last time was rather difficult to follow.

rickyragg said...

After all, the enemy of an open society is rational discourse.You should try it and see.

We'll hold our collective breath.


Actually, cancer cells don't have a philosophy - unless Abbey has been appointed their delusional spokesman.

Actually, Appell knows that, but is pathologically compelled to regurgitate this tripe. To do otherwise would threaten his fragile, brittle self-image.

Actually, Roadrunner picks up Abbey's dreck and thinks he's found something valuable, but doesn't know what it is. Nevertheless, he posts a cartoonish, unintelligible comment attempting to reinforce his newfound "good point".

That's what happens when you post as a cartoon character...

...however aptly named.

OregonGuy said...


First, it's pronounced "do-moss."

Second, what the heck is "uncontrolled growth" again? I've given the example many times over the years of my discovery of the perfect beerwarmer.

Costs a nickel. I can sell it for a buck. Warms an ice-cold can of beer to 84 degrees centigrade in moments. Should be a financial success. Except, nobody wants to buy it. Seems we prefer cold beer. (Well, there's Watney's. But that is kept at room temperature, no?)

So, even though I can produce a product cheaply, where's the sense of it if nobody buys it? Mebbe there's the sense of pride I can receive in a job well done. But it is, in a way, carrying coal to Newcastle.

Opposed to uncontrolled growth? Someone needs to read a book on the fundamentals of micro- and macroeconomic organization. There is one unfettered controller of growth. It's you. It's me. As long as we are allowed to retain control over our earnings, we determine what products continue to grow, and which products and their production, declines. Individually and as an aggregate. Even in the face of some declared example of uncontrolled growth lie the carcasses of products past. Atari comes to mind. Iconically, there's the Edsel.

What stopped the uncontrollable growth of the Edsel--a car that could have been 50 feet high!--is that no one wanted to buy one.

Instant control.

I would be amused at some of the pronouncements of the Left if it were not so sad that it underscores the lack of what should be the fundamentals of modern education. Concepts like those found in the study of mathematics, logic and language.

Uncontrolled growth. What pitiable silliness.

Anonymous said...

This is what they want us to idolize in the real estate industry. The Wall Street Journal's dreams... enough said.

I thought economics was a large piece of how this stuff works, but obviously not. What a joke.

David Appell said...

Rob, you used to make a big deal out of the stock market when it was down a couple of months ago, blaming it on Obama (for example, "Insanity Everywhere," 3/5/09).

Now that the market is up 4.0% since Obama was sworn in (an annualized return of 12.9%), why aren't you commenting on the stock market anymore??

DavidAppell's conscience said...

P.S. I still pretty much have license to annoy you here, don't I, Rob? I mean, I took my 'time out' but I'd understand if you thought I was off-base. No worries.

P.P.S. I still can't get folks to read my blog but what else is new. Quark Soup.

Roadrunner said...

Perhaps we can tax our way to happiness:

RoadrunnersConscience said...

---Look! Shiny!---