Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sam Adams car wreck

Reading about the Sam Adams car wreck, the only thing that is obvious is that the story and its explanation just don't add up.

He T-boned the passenger door of a Subaru which was making a right turn into the Car Toys lot. OK - that in and of itself isn't that suspicous. He could have thought the guy was going to turn left after getting into the lot, and took the stupid chance of trying to whiz by him on the right.

But that is when this gets interesting. Imagine yourself in such a circumstance. You'd speed up to pass the car on the right, but he turns right instead of left. Crash. You'd take your foot off the gas and stop.

But that isn't what Sam Adams did. Read the eyewitness account in today's paper:

He said he saw the pickup strike the side of the Subaru and push it over hedges and into a parked Honda. "And then the Honda and the Subaru kind of parted, and the mayor's pickup was powering through both of them. He was still on the gas pedal," Schweitz said. "After he broke free of the collision, he kept driving. He kept peeling out, and finally came to a stop about 100 feet away, near the Plaid Pantry lot."

So after he hit the side of the Subaru, he obviously GUNNED his car. That is the ONLY way you can push another vehicle across a curb and hedges into another car. Then, after his car disengaged from the Subaru, he was still gunning it! He was still "peeling out" for another 100 feet!

How does this happen? He said that he mistook the gas pedal for the brake. I don't get that - he was already on the gas pedal. And if he DID mistake the two, we would be forced to believe that he didn't realize he was standing on the gas rather than the brake the whole time he was pushing the Subaru over a curbed bed, across the lot, into another car, then for another 100 feet?

It doesn't make sense.

Nor does the police's behavior. No sobriety test? You'd think they would do that just for appearances. After all, guess who the police commissioner is: Sam Adams. There might be just a tiny appearance of a conflict of interest when a cop is handling a very strange incident involving the mayor and fails to even write a ticket.

He obliterated three cars in a parking lot, and sent one passenger to the emergency room, and no citation given or investigation of any kind was conducted?

Favorable treatment? Sure looks like it.


Anonymous said...

And if it turns out the responding cop was gay?

Columbia County Kid said...

You're missing the best part of the story - he was driving a full sized GMC pickup in the parking lot of a shopping mall - a vehicle which elicits scorn and sneers from Sam and his green friends, like Earl Blumenauer (who drives a SUV).

Plus, Ol' Sammy was in a parking lot of big box retail stores. Isn't Sammy the one with the no Wal Mart signs in his office? Don't these big box corporate bastards take away local jobs and treat their workers like dog poo Sam?

I hope Sam gets sued by the injured driver, so that his deposition can be taken. I'd love to know where he was shopping that day. Ideally, he was at Target buying some cheap Chinese trinkets and on his way to McDonalds for a Big Mac when he had his misfortune.

And have you thought about your carbon footprint Sammy boy? Or is that just a problem for us little people?

What a typical greenie.

Sabokat said...

Good job Horatio!! As you wrote that, did you take your sunglasses off, look in the distance, and let the wind riffle through your hair?

*segue into Won't Get Fooled Again*

Anonymous said...

Late for a date?
Surprised it wasn't a "rear-ender".

Anonymous said...

Just one correction. Adams is not the police commissioner. The mayor is, by tradition, but Adams appointed Dan Saltzman police commissioner. I think it was because he didn't want the heat that comes along with being police commissioner.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are good cops out there; I couldn't ever do what they do. But the ones I've met will find any unfounded reason not to work. Throw in a little conflict of interest and we get a story like this one.

Adams was clearly intoxicated. "Reed also said he didn't notice anything unusual about Adams."

Roadrunner said...


Eyewitness accounts are notorious for NOT being reliable. So, you're making a judgment about behavior based on sketchy information.

your pal said...

Actually, the police commissioner these days is Saltzman. But get this! According to the O today, a witness says he smelled beer on Adams at the scene.

Rob Kremer said...

RR - I'm just saying things don't add up, based on the eyewitness reports.

Are those accounts reliable? Well, if you look at the vehicles, the condition of them sure seem to back up the account. And to my knowledge, no one has disputed anything the eyewitness said.

He also said he smelled beer on Sam's breath. Sam vehemently denied he had been drinking.

Reminds me of another recent vehement Adams denial.

MAX Redline said...

RR, you're missing the point.

Why is Mr. Green driving around in a honking big pickup truck? Sure, as one friend mentioned, he's gotta have something to haul his load of B.S. around.

But he couldn't tell which was the gas pedal and which was the brake?

Oh, there are just too many pedals down there. Right.

His handling of the truck is just a hint of how he'll drive the city.

Anonymous said...

Bend over & Sam'ill drive ya home!

Anonymous said...

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