Monday, December 19, 2005

"Relatively Credible"

It is good to see my stature is intact with all the folks in the education establishment.

Article in today's Statesman Journal about the fact that only one candidate has filed to run against Susan Castillo for State Superintendent.

John Marshall, a lobbyist for the Oregon School Boards Association, was quoted in the article by way of explaining the absence of candidates. He said:

"I think of the race of four years ago, when a relatively credible Rob Kremer ran against her and couldn't even force a runoff."

High praise indeed. Relative to whom, I wonder?


gus miller said...

I was blindsided by the outcome of that election Rob. I expected you, Rob, to gain more votes in the non-partisan primary and was looking forward to you beating Castillo in a couple debates and the November election. Instead, Castillo and her handlers were able to keep a low profile and gain a majority from a low-turnout primary election.

The reality is that both you and the incumbent, Stan Bunn were not able to keep her from getting a majority in that election. And a low turnout non-partisan primary is relatively easy for someone with a large base of special interest support to win.

I think all non-partisan primaries/elections should be done away with.

Anonymous said...

If we cannot confine candidate elections to the general election calendar, here's an idea of how to deal with this problem: A variation of the "double majority" hurdle that has successfully curbed the practice of seeking local levies at low-turnout elections.

Here, winners would need 50% + 1 of the votes in an election with 50% + 1 turnout of registered voters. If no one wins, the office remains vacant and the election is re-run in say, 60-90 days or at the next general (November) election, perhaps disqualifying the incumbent from the follow-up(s).

That outcome couldn't be worse than what we have now. It would ensure a minimum level of voter turnout for candidate elections and allow primaries with incumbents to have the effect of a "retention" referendum.


Dare!PDX said...

Isn't anyone who files a PAC and attempts to campaign a "credible candidate" in a democracy?

Just a thought.

I voted for you though, couldn't believe we didn't have a 51% or better conservative turnout for that primary either. You and Bunn are both credible statewide candidates (probably more credible than Castillo who is a little urban-centric).

Rob Kremer said...

There is no question that it is difficult (actually, I think near impossible) for a true reformer to win the Sup't position, given the electoral math involved with off-year low turout primaries.

I found it out the hard way. The ed establishment and union bloc is insurmountable when only 700,000 or so people vote.

Ramon I like the double majority idea. It sure would have helped me!

gus miller said...


I would prefer the double majority requirement to what currently exists in non-partisan elections.

You can>
click here.
for the tally by county in the last SPI election.

Castillo racked up her biggest pluralities in three counties populated with a lot of unionized public employees.

gus miller said...

Better link:

The counties were Benton, Linn and multnomah.

Jack Roberts said...

Gus, I think you meant Benton, LANE and Multnomah (not Linn).

gus miller said...


You are correct. Thank you.