Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oregon's science standards get an "F"

The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation has been analyzing and rating state curriculum standards for years. They just released their report on each state's science standards, and they were, er, underwhelmed.

Go take a look at the report. Oregon has been developing this stuff for more than a dozen years, and they still can't figure out how to devise rigorous curriculum goals.

Fordham blisters Oregon's standards for their shallowness and their scant treatment of significant subject matter, such as electromagneticism, electric circuits and others that are completely ignored.

Remember the rhetoric of the Oregon School Reform Act: "World Class Standards." Far from it.


Anonymous said...

The right-wing Fordham Foundation doesn't like Oregon science standards? Oh my...

Rob Kremer said...

Very nice use of the logical fallacy "ad hominem".

Deal not with the substance of the issue at hand. Don't bother to analyze Fordham's critique of the standards themselves and point out where they are wrong.

Simply proclaim that they are "ight wing" and therefore, I suppose, nothing they assert is to be taken seriously.

And we are supposed to take juvenile arguments such as that seriously?