Thursday, December 08, 2005

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Abrams and I discuss Neil Godschmidt, and the effort to taint Saxton with his stench.

12/6/05 - On Ron Saxton's campaign for governor


PanchoPdx said...

Spot on.

The primary is just starting and already I'm sick of the negative spin from each side.

If I'm to credit them all:

1) Ron Saxton hired Steve Goldschmidt as a favor to his top-secret mentor Neil G.;

2) Kevin Mannix is using his campaign committees as a ponzi scheme (actually, I might believe that one); and,

3) Jason Atkinson and Tre Arrow are penpals.

I'm glad you haven't picked sides yet. I'm not terribly impressed by any of them, so I'd rather give one of them the opportunity to prove himself.

From what I've seen of Atkinson, I like him. I don't sense the gravitas yet, but maybe he'll find his stride. Problem is that, so far, it seems that the biggest thing he has going for him is a circle of bloggers who are relieved that he isn't Kevin Mannix or Ron Saxton.

Thin soup.

Tony said...


I luv ya, man, but you are DEAD WRONG on this one.

Saxton's acquaintance with Goldschmidt is not the issue, nor should it be.

Rather, his complicity with him is. Ron was chest deep in the PGE / Texas Pacific deal, helping the Goldschmidts cover their tracks. He dumped his client (the City) to help Goldschmidt line his pockets with Oregonians' money, which was a disloyal and unprofessional thing to do to his client. He later defended the Goldschmidts in this.

Rob, how can you defend Ron Saxton's performance on the Portland Public School Board? Hiring Goldschmidt's brother AND wife, Ben Canada, and other snares the board got into under Saxton's leadership show he is not fit to lead.

His decision to announce his candidacy at Goldschmidt's house also should make Republicans take pause. Why would I want to vote for someone that Neil Goldschmidt wants me to? What is the ulterior motive?

Should the next Republican Presidential candidate announce at Howard Dean's house? Doesn't that say something about their politics?

Does it also not make anyone a little hesitant that both Packwood and Goldschmidt are backing Saxton? How many of your friends have problems keeping their hands to themselves? And you would still seek their praise afterward if they did? I can tell you NONE of my friends have, and a person's associations say a lot about them.

Saxton's problems, though, are mostly political and issue driven. He is liberal and a flip flopper, and Oregonians can't trust him. He is for and against taxes, for and against gay marriage, etc etc.

But his association and complicity with Goldschmidt is indeed an issue, and I admire the fact that Mannix admitted that. He didn't promise to make it an issue, Rob - I wrote about it when he made the comment. He said that he wouldn't speculate on whether or not it SHOULD be an issue, only that it WAS an issue. That is legitimate and completely true. Since then I have not heard him mention it.

Your insinuation that he might be behind this other guys' crusade against Saxton is unfair. Mannix has nothing to gain and a lot ot lose if he was caught. Saxton will not be a factor in the primary. He is polling at 6% even after being on the political scene for years. People know him, they just don't like him. At least Atkinson (who has the most to gain from a Saxton exit) can hide his poor poll showing behind his relative anonymity, which he has the chance to overcome.

I think that this guy Foster that has the beef with Saxton is just legitimately opposed to him. If I had the money, I would campaign against him (Saxton) too, and wouldn't need marching orders from any candidate.

Again, I am with you nearly 100% of the time, Rob, but I think you missed a chance here to stand for truth and call this guy what he is.

To recap: Saxton has big problems in the issue / position department. Oregonians can't trust him.