Sunday, March 09, 2008

OEA endorses Novick

Steve Novick got the OEA endorsement yesterday, getting more than 60% of the votes cast. Hard to say how much, if at all, Merkley's charter school hypocrisy played into the vote, but it couldn't have helped.

The interesting thing is that this is now a real race. The OEA endorsement means money and boots on the ground for Novick, so this is a real race. That means both get bloodied, spend all the money they raise, and fight it out while Gordon Smith stands by and makes sure his hair doesn't get mussed.

Good news for Gordon Smith.


Anonymous said...

We can only hope that Merkley survives but is significantly bloodied by the primary. We do not want Novick to win the primary. I believe that Novick is the only D in the race that could possibly beat Smith. Merkley is the candidate we want, bland, boring and liberal. Novick is fiesty, articulate, smart as a whip, funny and also liberal.

So go Steve, go - beat up Jeff but don't go and win in May.

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