Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama is a pretender

As I write this I am listening to Barack Obama’s speech in Portland.

Talking about schools, he says we know what to do, but we “don’t have the will to fix our schools.” He proceeds to give a list of retreads: more early childhood education, pay teachers more money, maintain the highest standards, (but not high stakes testing!)

Not a word about merit pay, which he brought up several months ago only to be quickly potty trained by those special interest groups (teachers unions) that he likes to pretend he is independent from.

Looking at his plan for schools, it is obvious that 1) he knows squat and 2) his pretense of being a new kind of politician is a complete fantasy. I have yet to seen one idea of his in any policy area – the economy, the environment, foreign policy, etc - that doesn’t fit comfortably within the panoply of leftist/liberal positions.

How can a guy who has never once broken with his party’s interest groups pretend that he is going to unify the country? He’s just a lefty in pretty wrapping paper.


MAX Redline said...

It was interesting; at least no women fainted this time. We Portlanders, it appears, are made of sterner stuff!

Obama went on to give his usual campaign rhetoric; claiming that now is the time for change and declaring the importance of unity. He'll end the war in Iraq next year, improve public schools, and give everybody free health care. Somewhere along the line, I'm sure there'll be a chicken in every pot, as well.

Accurate said...

Since he is giving everyone (seemingly everyone) what they want, well, I want a pony. I'm sure when I tell him that I'll vote for him if he gives me a pony, one will magically show up on my doorstep. After all, he IS the second coming ... isn't he?

Obama Leftme Weepy said...

I went.
I wept.
I weft.

Anonymous said...

He's a hard lefty. So what. We have plenty of those around here.

Anonymous said...

A high school girl I know described it as a "life changing experience." Next week, she'll have a latte at Starbucks and describe it as a "life changing experience."