Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Filing day

The filing deadline has come and gone, and now it's time to do whatever we can to take back the House. This is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

The Oregon House hinges on a slim 31-29 Democrat majority. The conventional wisdom says this will be a Democrat year, and Republicans are on the slide. Don't be so sure. State legislative races are where the axiom "all politics are local" was coined.

There are four or five races where the House majority will be determined, and the Republican candidates in these seats have legitimate chances to win. A 30-30 tie or a 31-29 majority for Republicans is NOT out of the question.

So I will be working with the House leadership to make this happen. I was very pleased that there will be no primary fight in House District 26, where Matt Wingard is now running unopposed. That is a reliable Republican seat, and Matt will fill it with distinction.

The work we are doing with the Conservative Majority Project (please click on the button to the right and donate!) I hope will be a big part of bringing a Republican majority to the House. As we identify the races we will be involved in, we will announce it here and then start badgering our friends for donations. So be forewarned.

Bottom line: Republicans have had a down cycle, and EVERYTHING runs in cycles. I am looking forward and seeing things getting better, much better, on the horizon. Like the sideview mirror on your car, I want to be part of making that horizon "closer than it appears."

Kevin Mannix. Matt Wingard. Greg Walden. There are lots of reasons to believe that in a year or two, Republicans will be on the upswing.


Anonymous said...


Kremer if you think the Republicans have any prospect other than to be a permanent minority in this state, you are stupider than Susan Castillo.

And that is not an easy thing to be.

I am Coyote said...

So says an anonymous troll without the courage of his convictions.

yip yip

Anonymous said...

Wingard will need hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep a reliable GOP seat. That's a district the GOP should be able to win with its eyes closed. Too bad. Even if Wingard wins, Hunt has to be thrilled at the amount of money that will have to spent just for a GOP hold.

Get ready for the deluge of third party attacks - never have Oregonians elected a candidate who admitted hitting a kid. Tough to defend.