Saturday, March 22, 2008

Idiot Chronicles

Every day I read and hear things in and around the political scene in Oregon that are just so idiotic that I've decided to chronicle them on this blog. Feel free to add your own examples in the comments.

Tops on the list this week:

- Maria Rojo de Steffey wants to close the Sellwood bridge. What a flippin' idiotic thing to do. Let's just get it over with and ban cars altogether.

- The Funny Paper reassured us this week that global warming is still real, even though the planet has cooled. Can't assume that weather anomalies like a record cold winter means there is any trend, you see. Of course for the last decade or so every time there has been a weather anomaly that supports the global warming agenda, they have splashed it on the front page. But that's different.

- The Funnty Paper tells Vancouver that it MUST accept lite rail on the I-5 bridge, or NO DEAL. They wrote:

"Political realities are different on either side of the river. Crudely put, support for replacing the bridge runs strong on the Washington side, while support for adding light rail runs stronger on the Oregon side. The two sides (and their respective states) are not likely to cooperate in financing the bridge unless they can meet halfway -- on a light-rail train."

Huh? Isn't that like: "Let's compromise, do it my way?"

- The state is handing out about $100 million a year to people who build solar energy projects that return about 1% on investment. What a great deal. One project written about cost $7 million, and saved $75,000 a year in electricity. REAL smart public policy. I've never heard a liberal whine about Oregon spending $200 million on this program, but propose spending $200 mil on jailing criminals, and oh-my-gosh they turn into fiscal skinflints.

That's it for now. But don't worry: Oregon is the world's export leader in idiotic ideas.


Anonymous said...

"Support" in Oregon for light rail as part of the new/improved I-5 bridge is a myth. The City Council and the Oregonian support it - and that is all. Let's put it to a statewide vote and see if Oregonians will back light rail to Vancouver.

RINO WATCH said...

Actually it's called "Blackmail".

"Blackmail" is a crime but then again we ARE dealing with criminals - Aren't we?...

Anonymous said...

run the light rail over the bridge and then loop it right back around towards portland...
problem solved

Accurate said...

Rob - you are being too hard on the funny paper and Portland/Metro in general. I agree, Washington SHOULD meet our pinheads half way. I propose that we run light rail to the middle of the bridge and the folks can board there - course there won't be any place to further north ... but no need to let that detail detain us.