Monday, February 18, 2008

They think you are cute

Read the dismissive tone of this post on BlueOregon about the Conservative Majority Project.

Then come back here and click the button to the right, and send the CMP a contribution.


Anonymous said...

The Blues over at BO are the usual twisters. Forever twisting all things to fit their near retardation of reality.

Their notion that conservatives are trying to push the Republican party further to the far right is completely contrived.

No such push exists. In fact it's hard to make out the far right at all compared to the left dragging all things further left.

Conservatives are trying to hoild ground and maintain current levels of conservatism and traditon.

But over at BlueOregon the looney left advises that Republicans should be recruiting liberal candidates like Norma Paulus.

Or Ben Westlund?

Oregon is the perfect opbservation labratory for politics today.

BlueOregon strive to have all of our State dominated by liberals just like Portland.
They'd like the whole state run by clones of Randy Leonard and Sam Adams.

They would also like to see the whole country turned into Portland or San Franscisco.

If they need to get rid of the intitiative system and other obstackles so be it.

: JustaDog said...

I'd like to post a comment at Blue Oregon, but the party of "civil rights" and "freedom" don't like when I post truth, so they simply ban me!

Sites that are threatened by a dose of reality will always screen or down-right ban commenter's that dare bring up anything contrary to their views.

Just Blue Oregon's brain washing their readers tactics.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I donated. Everybody - click through and send some money!