Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Children as livestock

Another great example of the attitude of your run-of-the-mill public school educator about the kids: an article in the Register-Guard about on-line charter schools, and whether they should be allowed to enroll kids across district boundaries.

“I call this poaching,” said Bob De La Vergne, superintendent of the Coos Bay School District. “It drains the system.”

It couldn't be much clearer - he thinks of children as captives, his district's exclusive property that exist to feed the system, rather than to be educated. If the parents think the kids will be better served in the charter school, they must be stopped, because "the system" is a higher priority.

Aren't you glad you'll be funding this esteemed "educator's" retirement to the tune of about $90K per year until he dies?


Anonymous said...

In PPS they call it "The Capture Rate" referring to the number of neighborhood students attending a school as a percentage of neighborhood students eligible to attend.

Public school employees top to bottom and their bargaining or affinity groups exert heavy proprietary interest in maximizing "fannies in the seats" of public school buildings they work in to maximize funding of which 80% or so winds up as wages and benefits to employees at all levels of a district.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance demonstrated by the skeptics is something.

"""Donna Opitz, a Coos Bay school board member, said the state’s 50/50 rule is in place for a reason: to make sure districts aren’t sucked dry of funding they rely on to provide a quality education to the students that are enrolled there. She’s also dubious of the Internet as a place to learn."""

The 50/50 rules is no more than a deliberate obstruction. There's a net gain by districts who lose a student but only 80% of that student's funding.
They don't leave because the school is providing a "quality education".
And her being "dubious' is slective dubiosity she likely never utilizes when reviewing her government school policies.
What a classic school board member.