Friday, February 15, 2008

Conservative Majority Project

I am heading up a new political action committee whose goal it is to bring about a conservative majority in the legislature. It’s called the Conservative Majority Project, and it seeks to bring to bear the fundraising power of the Netroots upon selected legislative races.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Republican Party is not dead in Oregon. We are barely in the minority in the House, and there is a good chance the next governor will be a Republican.

I’ve teamed up with Jared McKinney, a young guy with grass-roots political experience way beyond his years, to help make the Republican party once again a majority party in Oregon through the fundraising power of the Netroots.

We need your help. Please go to the web site and contribute what you can. We’ve seen the power of this kind of fundraising; it can make a huge difference. If you are a blogger, please consider linking to our site and encouraging your readers to donate.

Our strategy will be to select a careful few races where there is a reasonable prospect of picking up a legislative seat, and where our resources and tactical campaign expertise can perhaps make the difference.

We are not simply going to be channeling funds to candidates shotgun-style. We will apply our resources in a thoughtful way where we have reason to believe that either we can be the difference in the Republicans holding a seat, or, better yet, picking a seat up.

We will not be interested in candidates unless they are true conservatives. We understand that our party must be a big tent, and that means in some districts, only a less conservative Republican can win. That is fine – but we will almost certainly not be involved in these races.

There is also a chance that we can find a large donor to match donations we receive from the Netroots. We are working on this, and will announce it when we seal the deal.

It is vitally important that Republicans control at least one chamber of the legislature – we have seen what happens when the Democrats are unchecked. I am not ready to give up. I’m not ready to concede that the 2009 session will have Republicans again in the minority.

We need to pick up two seats to control the House. Just one seat to get a tie, and be able to prevent a lot of Democrat mischief.

Please help us raise Netroots funds to bring back a Conservative Majority!

Thank you!


RINO WATCH said...

RinoWatch is on Board and will be working the "Netroots".

Anonymous said...

A good idea, hope it works. But here is some food for thought.

Where does legislative control reside? In the winning or losing of marginal districts. If you can't hold districts where Republicans have a registration edge, then the Oregon Republican Party is dead.

So again, marginal districts are critical, both for the House and Senate.

You acknowledge that in some districts, it may take a more pragmatic approach to win, but swear off supporting the more likely candidates that can win in those districts.

So control of the legislature does not seem to be the primary object of your coalition because your strategy explicitly will avoid marginal districts, unless you find suitable candidates (I hope you do find suitable candidates).

How will you decide whether candidates pass your litmus test of what "Conservative" means?

Rather, it sounds to me like another pigeon hole group that wants to influence the ideology of the party.

In reality, what this "coalition" wants is to tap Internet Conservatives to raise money to help "your type" of candidates.

Your project is misnamed. It should be: Internet Conservatives for Acceptable Candidates.

Which is fine. Everybody has a right to influence the political party of their choice.

But don't conflate influence with the broader goal of achieving a majority for the Republican Party.

As above, a majority will be won, by winning marginal districts, and while every blue moon, a charismatic conservative can win in a marginal district, most of the time it will take less ideology and more pragmatism. Your announcement suggests a narrower window than what it takes for majority control.

Although, it's true that every campaign contributor, either individual or group has criteria for deciding who to support.

With these thoughts in mind, I do sincerely wish your group luck in its endeavors.

Rob Kremer said...

Here's where I think you are wrong, anon: there are plenty of "marginal" districts where it is entirely possible to get a conservative republican candidate elected.

You are right, the CMP-PAC definitely will only support a certain "type" of candidate, but you are wrong to assert that "marginal Republican" districts cannot elect one of these types.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I didn't say "cannot elect one of these types." I said, "...once every blue moon, a charismatic conservative can win in a marginal district..."

Big difference.

Anyway, I hope you are right, but so far, that's been like a search for the holy grail: Hard to find.

Good luck in your endeavor.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage this effort. Coyote over at NWRepublican has mentioned a similar need.

Although I like conservative rather than Republican as a title. My definition of a conservative (and a R) is Gene Wisnant of Sunriver. Burley of Bend leans less right, and from there you go leftward, which is the wrong direction. To develop a farm team of depth is important; so looking at school boards, county commissioners, and city councils would be a starting point. As long as they are not RINOs, which seems to be the case.

Yomi Mizuhara said...

I'm in. I'm just interested in getting some independent free-thinking Republicans in there, like Thatcher and Whisnant.

Anonymous said...

This may be good timing as it pans out.
Getting Matt Wingard elected and showing the door to those back stabbing Republicans who tried to take him out would be a fine start.

Anonymous said...

Republicans win when Republicans run on conservative ideas. Ideas that are actually free market based and communicate a belief in the power of the individual.

That message sells well in any district where the Republican registration is within 5 points.

So yes the majority will be won by winning some marginal districts.

Some marginal districts can be won by articulating an optimistic vision for the state.

Thus the name of the group is quite apt.

Oh and no matter what your strategy is? Don't fall for the bait of anon 12:19 above who seems to want your group to publicly share your entire game plan.

No need. The CMP website is really pretty clear as far as we need to know.

MAX Redline said...

CMP is linked, buttoned, and otherwise mentioned on my site. I'm optimistic in my outlook.

marc said...

With Rob and Jared involved, I have confidence that this movement will be ideologically driven, and therefor be concentrated on long term solutions rather than short term fixes.

Conservatism in its true form (GOP 2004, not GOP 2006) holds the answers for the problems that plague Oregon. We need candidates who will articulate that message and change the hearts and minds of Oregonians.

Liberalism's answer to failure is to build bureaucracies that will do more of what doesn't work. Oregonians will benefit from well placed candidates articulating this message and changing the mood, and utlimately policy, in Oregon.

Rob, Jared, you have my support. Soon you will have some of my money too.

Anonymous said...

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