Thursday, February 21, 2008

More on the teacher-predators

The more I think about our public school officials protecting teachers who molest kids and sending them off to molest kids in other districts, the madder I get.

I heard a few politicians talking about the problem over the last 24 hours. Majority Leader Dave Hunt was on the Victoria Taft Show last night, and he was talking in even tones about doing this and that to deal with the problem. He said we could fund more TSPC investigators, and he talked about some other changes the legislature made in 2007.

But what he didn't address: Who is going to hold the public officials accountable who knowingly protected these predators, and gave them a pass so they could molest again? The Oregonian found several dozen cases where such deals were made.

I want to know every single district where this happened, and the names of every one of the superintendents, local union president, and school board members who were party to these decisions, so the public has a full understanding of the unconscionable breach of public trust by these supposed guardians of our childrens' well being.

Dave Hunt acted as if this was a techinical foul-up of some sort, some kind of loophole that needs fixing. It's not - it's adults protecting themselves and their interests at the expense of the kids.

THAT is what we have to keep pointing out, and if that puts the Dave Hunts of the world in a tough spot, well, GOOD!


Anonymous said...

Well said. Fixing this problem is important but those who knowingly allowed these predators to slip away and be another school's problem are cowards and worse.

The school boards of today are increasingly unaccountable for the actions they take or fail to take. I can't help but lay a good deal of blame with the Oregon School Boards Association. Rather than teach board members how to govern they teach them how to cover their tails. Talk to board members and you will see the fear of lawsuits drives their thinking on contentious issues. I say, grow some.

The Medford school district is about to adopt employment policies that will add "gender identity" to the list of protected classes. This group of sexually ambiguous, mentally unstable people will now find it safe to cross dress in a classroom full of first graders. The school board should just step up and say no, this is not putting kids first it's putting the sexual proclivities of teachers ahead of education.

Like I said, some people need to grow some.

Steve Plunk

Anonymous said...

This is so outrageous. You can bet your last dollar that nobody - not one single person - will so much as be subjected to harsh criticism by the Democrats for this horrific breach of trust.

Anonymous said...

Its time to start "The Court of Public Opinion" and do that on the K and A show Sunday mornings.

Those who lose the Tele poll will earn a conviction from the court and have their names Posted on the court's www site for all the world to see.