Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thank you, Jerry Krummel

Representative Jerry Krummel announced yesterday that he would resign from his Oregon house seat (Wilsonville area) after serving five terms.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Jerry on a number of issues, most significantly the effort to get rid of the CIM/CAM school reform that did so much damage in Oregon's high schools.

I got to know him quite well, and I can tell you, we will miss him.

Jerry is a very effective legislator, which is not always easy to be as a Republican/conservative in Oregon. It is so easy for the other side to marginalize conservative Republicans in the legislative process, and Jerry navigated the choppy waters in Salem with a unique mixture of toughness and amiability that I think should be a model for all of us.

I certainly understand why Jerry would hang up his well earned political spurs. It isn't just because Republicans are now in the minority, although that certainly factored into it. But Jerry gave a decade of his life to the legislature - who can begrudge him for wanting to focus a little more attention on his teaching career?

Jerry Krummel - thank you for a job well done. It was an honor and a pleasure getting to know you over the years, and working closely with you on some issues that we both care about deeply.

The legislature will be a smaller place without you in it.


Yvonne Retonda said...

Krummel is a Republican obstructionist who had few ideas other than to be against the fresh ideas of others. He is a reactionary who will not be missed -- the world has passed him by. Good riddance.

Rob Kremer said...

Oh yeah if you define obstructionist as "voting against tax increases."

jessica said...

"against the fresh ideas of others"

"Fresh" as in the stench from wasting countless millions and classroom hours on CIMCAM.

The obstructionists were democrats who obstructed years of effort to stop the waste and failure of CIMCAM. The only reason it continued for 15 years was the lock step defense by every democrat.

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