Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One Amazing City Commissioner

Sam Adams is going to completely eliminate unemployment in the city of Portland, solve our horrible congestion problem, and save the earth!

I'm not kidding! We are so lucky to have him.

He says that the new choo-choo he wants to build across the river and down to OMSI will create 15,000 new jobs. Portland has about 257,000 total jobs right now. Assuming 5% unemployment, that means that each and every unemployed person in Portland will be able to get a job in Sam's new urban utopia! With jobs left over!

He also says the new streetcar line will "reduce congestion and global warming."

I just LOVE the penetrating reportage of the Oregonian, which apparently just accepted these claims at face value and printed it up. No discussion of where the 15,000 jobs number came from, or whehter it is as solid an estimate as the 10,000 jobs claim the Oregonian constantly published for the South Waterfront development.

You'd think the Oregonian would be a touch more skeptical after their shilling for SoWhat was exposed as the lie it was.

But what do they care?

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Anonymous said...

Add to that those sixty thousand biotech jobs coming in the South Waterfront and we'll have a labor shortage... wait... no we won't. Tom Potter will import all the illegal labor we need!

Dave Lister