Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rooting against America

Oddly enough, the Democrats find themselves in a very vulnerable position all of a sudden, as good news starts to trickle out of Iraq due to the troop surge.

Most Americans, you see, welcome good news out of Iraq, especially after five years of missteps and mismanagement. But the Democrats have made an all-in bet on defeat in Iraq for their 2008 election strategy, and so they can't exactly be seen in public celebrating the good news.

Their problem is that most true Americans WANT things to go well in Iraq, and when the Democrats denigrate any good news, it makes people start to wonder: "Why are they rooting against America?"

The fact is, according to the new report covered this week by the New York Times, the surge is working. Significant progress has been made. It looks like at long last a workable strategy has been found.

But the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. They tried like hell to declare defeat before news of the progress made by the surge could come out, but that didn't work. It made no sense to give up before the surge had a chance to work, and the American people knew it.

So now, their true colors are exposed. Defeat in Iraq is an election strategy for the Democrats.

That doesn't exactly sit very well in the American public.

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