Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Protecting a child molester

I got an e-mail from Fred Leonhardt yesterday. Remember him?

He's the former Goldschmidt speechwriter who says Bernie Guisto told him years ago about Neil's horrible secret. He also said that he personally told Ted Kulongoski about it, who proceeded to ignore it and make Goldschmidt his puppet master while he was Attorney General and then Governor.

Leonhardt pointed me to this document that he wrote chronicling every detail about his interactions with both Guisto and Kulongoski, which fills in a bunch of blanks in the whole sordid affair.

According to Leanhardt's account, which I find totally persuasive, Guisto was boinking Neil's wife, Neil knew about it, but since Guisto knew Neil's secret, he couldn't fire him. In fact he promoted him, even after he knew Guisto was sleeping with his wife!

As for Kulongoski, he also covered for Neil, even after knowing the secret and knowing Guisto was essentially blackmailing Goldschmidt.

It is fascinating reading.

It looks like our Sherriff and our Governor are both guilty of protecting a child molester to advance their own political careers! UNREAL!


Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...


h.l. mencken said...

It's a typical mutual-blackmail cover-up fest. Politicians, especially - but not exclusively - those who get ahead, are generally disgraceful.

MAX Redline said...

It is hardly unreal. I did a couple of posts recently regarding the FON network (Friends Of Neil) and the fact that it is still quite active in state and local politics and policies. One commenter took extreme exception to that view, and after calling a bunch of names, stated that Neil's actions were a private matter. Say what?

Good on you for posting this material; it's long overdue. I'm linking to it - the story needs to be told. Thanks!

Rob Kremer said...
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Phil Jones said...

Why hasn't Kulongoski been disbarred for his active coverup of Goldspit's admitted child rapes?

Mick said...


Kulongoski has not been disbarred or prosecuted because of a little thing called "burden of proof" we have in our justice system. Nobody has met that burden as far as I can tell. All accusations come back to this man Leonhardt's word against the numerous others who have been accused.

Phil Jones said...

Then, has the Oregon State Bar ever investigated Kulongoski for this coverup? If not, why not?