Thursday, May 17, 2007

What he learned in school

Did you see the story about the graffiti artist on the front page of the "In Portland" section on today's Oregonian? He can't restrain himself from tagging every building he sees, so he is going to jail for a couple years.

Explaining how he justifies defacing private property with his spray paint, he said:

I was taught in school how buildings produce pollution and damage the land. So painting them is no concern for me."

He can probably barely read, but he has the environmental agenda down pat.


Phil Jones said...

He should have been given a couple of years post-prison community service helping clean up grafitti tagged buildings.

Anonymous said...

The son of a friend of mine was busted for graffiti vandalism a few years back. The judge ordered that he do community service cleaning up graffiti, but the county folks that run community service had now way of making that happen. Graffiti vandals end up doing general community service, whatever the crew is doing that day. Turns out this kid never did clean up any graffiti despite the judge's order.