Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Maybe teachers ARE underpaid!

After all, at almost $70K, I'd probably have to do this too.


Anonymous said...

Seventy thousand puts a teacher close to the upper 20% of Oregon's household incomes. Many public school employees are married to other public school employees with similar incomes putting their combined family incomes in or near the top 5%. And don't forget the added 40% in fringe benefits that comprise a public employee's total compensation package.

In the face of Oregon's deteriorating average annual personal incomes as a percent of the national average, the most overcompensated of Oregon's 28,000 teachers (Yeah, you urban district teachers Sid.) are well on their way to pricing themselves out of the market.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 1,000s of ebay transactions she did on her ebay biz (from another news story on her), she must be doing quite well. I mean, her COGS (cost-of-goods-stole) is quite low. And her customer pay her shipping. And her leave of absence is a paid leave, giving her more time for her ebay biz.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Oregon Department of Revenue is checking her tax returns.