Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The O helps Bradbury secure speaking arrangements

In the Science section of today's Oregonian there's a full-page story with color pictures telling us what a great guy Secretary of State Bill Bradbury is for touring the state giving Al Gore's global warming propaganda.

The story itself is precisely what the Oregonian has been offering for years now: one-sided, agenda driven, and almost wholly without news value.

The centerpiece of the story is a picture of a laughing Bradbury on stage, with a huge blue earth on a screen in the background. The picture is surrounded by a list of all the places that Bradbury has given the presentation, and then a helpful caption telling us how we, too, can book Bradbury for our group.

Of course what is missing is any real critical analysis, perhaps of why our Secretary of State is spending his time doing this in the first place. Is this what he was elected to do? It would be interesting to at least ask the question.

The money quote from Bradbury, talking about opposition to the global warming agenda: "What is it that people really want to refute? I'm mystified..."

Oh, gee, I don't know Bill. Maybe the fact that you and Al Gore are trying to scare people with over-hyped cataclysmic predictions so we will accept a draconian controls on energy consumption so that government types like you can control things?

Maybe the fact that every key point of the presentation you are giving has been refuted in the scientific literature, including the claim that CO2 is actually at record highs in the first place?

Of course we can't expect our daily newspaper to really do any good faith investigation of these things. No, their idea of balanced reporting is to quote Lars Larson.

I guess we should consider ourselves lucky. It's the day after election day - otherwise I am sure this would have been front page "news."


Anonymous said...

The Oregonion has a "Political Power-Fad Spotlight" in the sidebar with 4 videos on Global Warming including CBC's latest, "Global Warming Doomsday Called Off": here.

OregonGuy said...

Copy and paste the link above into a browser window and ask yourself what the People of Oregon can do to limit carbon dioxide. Hasn't anybody noticed that there simply aren't that many people here? We're basically a frontier/rural state, currently the 39th lowest in terms of population density? We would have to mow down tens of thousands of people in Portland, Salem and Eugene to have any chance of reducing carbon dioxide...and yet those are the places where the Lefties rule. And they never limit their own abilities to use and abuse resources. Compliance is left up to us, the undeserving Oregonians living outside their dystopic world.