Monday, September 25, 2006

A whole lotta nerve

In Governor Kulongoski's recent radio and TV ads, he takes bows for Jessica's Law.

What chutzpah! All last session he sat idly by while the Democrat senate majority leader Kate Brown bottled the bill up. Kulongoski did absolutely nothing to get the bill moved out of the senate.

The only reason they passed the bill in the special session was because they wanted to take it off the table for the upcoming election cycle. Signatures were being collected to put it on the ballot, and rather than let Republicans hammer Democrats on the issue during the elections, they made it part of the special session deal (in which Repblicans, as usual, got totally worked.)

So for Ted Kulongoski to make Jessica's law a centerpiece of his very first campaign ad is cynical in the extreme. I hope Ron Saxton jumps all over Teddy on this issue in the debates.


Max said...

Dead-on. I can't believe that he has the audacity to take credit for something that he'd never have signed onto - unless he had to. And that's what happened.

gus miller said...

He is also taking a bow for "adding more money to the 'SMART reading program'.

SMART is a non-profit program spearheaded by Neil Goldschmidt and supposedly supported by public volunteers and donors. How and why did the state get involved in funding SMART?

DarePDX said...

Its great to see how little Kulongsoki has to run on that he's riffing off of Jason Atkinson's play book from the primary.

He's got nothing but a heart-string tugging childhood story and a promise not to be too much of a liberal and not at all a Republican.

Capitol 3 said...
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