Friday, September 29, 2006

Kulongoski calls for sales tax

The only thing you need to know about the first gubernatorial debate that aired last night was that Ted Kulongoski reaffirmed that he wants a sales tax.

"You're darned right I do!" I think was the exact quote.

Ok then.

Sounds as if the Governor has give Ron Saxton everything he needs to go over the top.

Thanks, Guv.


kigogal said...

I'd take a sales tax - but only if it was to offset a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT COMPLETE RELIEF of Oregon Personal Income Taxes, because I believe it would actually lower my overall tax burden.

Although the funny thing about Teddy and the other D's being proponents of the sales tax is that I once read a BRILLIANT paper (can't remember where,) that posited the sales tax as a directly burdensome tax on lower income peoples. Because those at lower incomes spend a higher percentage of their disposable incomes purchasing sales-taxable items. Therefore it really goes against all the Socialistic up-with-the-people policies of the D party, doesn't it? Or do I have it wrong?

Rob Kremer said...

I saw him give that answer. It was the most pathetic piece of doublespeak I ever saw out of a politician. He was twisting himself into a pretzel trying to explain that he hadn't really blown with the political winds.

It wasn't even very artful.

rickyragg said...

Methinks the burden of an increase in cigarette taxes would also be borne disproportionally by lower income and people of color - no? Statistically, those groups are more likely to be smokers. Throw in young, hip folks (think the Pearl here), another bastion of D's, and you've got an attack on groups they purport to "care" about and whose support they crave along with the eating of their young.

Lovely idea, don't you think?

Max said...

I'm certifiably stupid, and I admit that upfront, okay?

Here's what I don't get: back in the early 1980's when Bob Packwood was busy "putting more money in our jeans" by means of the rewrite of the federal tax code - you know, this was when credit card interest became suddenly nondeductible, gas taxes became suddenly nondeductible, and when suddenly you got taxed every year on any interest accumulated in a savings account - it was my impression that sales taxes also became suddenly nondeductible.

Property taxes, of course, were left untouched.

Before Packwood got ahold of it, the federal code was kind of an intellectual game: They have your money; how much can you legally get back?

Thanks to Bob's "simplification", most of your basic deductibles simply vanished - leaving you with less "money in your jeans".

How that SOB ever sold that is something I'll never understand.

Anonymous said...

Bob Packwood's Tax REform Act of 1982 also dergulated the insurance and health care industry. The idea was deregulation would reduce insurance cost and the medical profession could/would lower their price when more people could afford to buy health insurance.

Thanks Bob for looking out the little people

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