Wednesday, May 31, 2006

U of O's new and improved diversity plan

You've just got to read this terrific column about the University of Oregon's new 46-page "Diversity Plan."

If you recall, the University released its first run at a diversity plan last year, and it was deemed too politically correct for even the faculty at the famously liberal U of O. It was Orwellian in the extreme, filled with double-speak about tolerance and diversity while proposing policies that would have severely limited speech that the Universities "Bias Response Teams" deemed intolerant.

So they tried again. Strike two.

The columnist analyzes it better than I could, in the form of an open letter to U of O President David Frohnmeyer.

Go read it - it is fabulous.

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Dare!PDX said...

Read it and I would just like to point out this is the slippery slope to totalitarisim.

It starts with language that looks benign or even posative but eventually the political correctness is used as a gag and club for those in power who oppose certain views. I don't have time to pick it apart but boy is this document flawed based on the snippets shown in the context of this article.