Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Portland again on the bleeding edge of loopiness

The Portland Tribune reports today that Portland might be the first U. S. city to adopt a "Youth Bill of Rights."

It seems Mayor Potter and outgoing county chair Dianne Linn are leading a "Youth Summit," where about 1000 students from Portland area school districts will vote on the details of the Youth Bill of Rights. Then the city will vote to adopt it, and Mayor Potter has indicated he wants its elements to help form city policy.

The bill is still in draft form, but the "rights" it will list are things such as the right to education, the right to extracurricular activities, the right to school funding and the right to physical, spiritual and mental health.

It was 100% predictable that the enumerated "rights" in the bill are not rights at all. Nobody bothered to explain to the kids that rights are things that government can't do to you, they are not things that government must do for you. You'd think that the adults involved with this effort might care a little bit if the children actually learned the definition of what it is they are trying to produce.

But that wouldn't serve the purposes the adults in charge so obviously have for this effort - to use the kids' involvement to push for all their favored social policies. Plus, of course, liberals are almost always confused about what rights are in the first place.

Followup: The Netherlands have long been on the cutting edge of liberalism when it comes to children's rights. Now a new political party is getting organized in the Netherlands that has as its central issue advocating for the right if children to have sex with adults. Who said there's no slippery slope?

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