Monday, May 08, 2006

Loren Parks plows another quarter million into Mannix

A week to go and the race is in the ugly stage.

It is too bad it had to get this way, but we all knew if Kevin got behind he would go negative. That's how it is done. Ron Saxton is a big boy. He knew if his campaign caught on, that Kevin would have to attack. No whining.

But it is OK to hit back.

Saxton's response ads started today, and will continue through the week. They highlight the zillions of tax and fee increases Kevin voted for as a legislator, among other things.

So, fair enough. The negative campaigning has started, and it was inevitable, unless the race was a cakewalk. Voters always say they hate negative campaignng, but it works. So they must not really hate it that much.

Here's what we know: Loren Parks has given Mannix another quarter million. That makes it about a cool $750K counting the "independent" ad campaign done by Gregg Clapper.

Is that bothersome? One reclusive zillionaire provides the bulk of the funding for a governor candidate. Problem?

At the very least it reflects the fact that Kevin Mannix does not have a broad base of financial support. At the most it means that some shadowy out-of-state eccentric recluse has bought himself a governorship.

Here's what the Saxton campaign has to say about it:

Statement Regarding Mannix C&E Report and Loren Parks Contribution:

The following statement is to be attributed to Felix Schein, Saxton Campaign Manager.

"Republican voters ought to ask themselves whether they are comfortable with a candidate who's willing to sell his campaign to the highest bidder - especially when that bidder is a Nevada sex therapist who has repeatedly been sued for sexual harassment, operates a questionable sex therapy website, and whose values so clearly oppose those of Mr. Mannix's other supporters.

"It reeks of hypocrisy for Kevin Mannix to tout his values and respect for women and yet allow his campaign to be bought by Loren Parks.

"Contributions in excess of $500,000 to Kevin Mannix by Loren Parks beg the question - what does Loren Parks get for his money, could Kevin Mannix ever say no, and are Oregon Republicans going to accept an out-of-state contributors attempt to buy the gubernatorial election."

Seven days to go.


Anonymous said...

How is Park's money different than the Tribal casino donating to Saxton? Those ads are, without a doubt, also negative, and it was Saxton's friens who through the first stone. As conservatives, we all recognize that "those without sin should cast the first stone". It would be wise to pay attention to this. Also, there isn't much if any untruth in these ads outlining Saxton's ever changing positions so how is that negative?

Finally, it is unbelievably foolish to read these polls as a Saxton lead. With that many undecideds, plus the margin of error, there is no mathmatical reasoning to calling this a lead for Ron.

Finally, we actually have a chance to win this election, but if we put Saxton in office it will set back our cause by another 20-30 years. He will go back to being a liberal, be a flake, and loose, and we will be back to Socialst governors.

Rob Kremer said...

The tribe didn't donate any money to Saxton. They ran ads in an independent campaign supporting Saxton's position on the casino and attacking Mannix's.

Foolish to say the poll showed Saxton is leading? Hmmm. So you are saying that unless the lead is larger than the margin of error PLUS the undecideds, that you can't say he is leading?

That's a pretty innovative way to read polls.

Dare!PDX said...

So do you support the statements of Felix Schein or are you indifferent to the campaign scabble? Do you actually believe that Mannix is wholey owned by Parks or already very well aligned?

Personally I think its below the belt to smear a donor even if the size of the donation is that large. We are the same party, I think this statement was uncalled for and petty. I also think that it was a stupid idea for the Saxton campaign to start talking about money swaying influence. They might have that same row to hoe coming up this November.

Finally, I think this proves once and for all that Felix is a pit-bull on a short leash just waiting to snap at whatever target passes by. Not exactly a better face on our party.

Ken said...

Kremer Quote 1:
The tribe didn't donate any money to Saxton. They ran ads in an independent campaign supporting Saxton's position on the casino and attacking Mannix's.

Kremer Quote 2:
Here's what we know: Loren Parks has given Mannix another quarter million. That makes it about a cool $750K counting the "independent" ad campaign done by Gregg Clapper.

Rob, if you believe Quote 1 is true, then it seems unfair to lump Clapper's ads in with Mannix. Couldn't we also say Saxton has raised "a cool $3 million, including the million-dollar 'independent' ad campaign done by the Grand Ronde tribe"?

RINO WATCH said...


I'm quite sure that if Loren offered you guys "a cool $750K", for your Blazers thing, you'd accept. Wouldn't you?

It's really dumb to bash on Loren for doing with HIS MONEY, fair & square, what he wishes. said...

Oh come on Rob, Clapper is running the "hit" ads on Saxton, technically not Mannix, but I won't say those are uncordinated, so please spare me the Tribes being independent argument. If we really want to look into Casino placement let's look at it this way. Warm Springs, by federal law, can put that sucker smack dab in Hood River, or, as Mannix supports, the can do a swap and put it in Cascade Locks, a town that could desperately use it and is hidden from view. Now, Kulongoski supports that so I need to use caution here don't I!

On the polls, that is far from an unusual way to read them. Those number essentially indicated that there is no meaningful differnece between the candidates that passes a statistical signifigance test, well, there is probabley one between Jason and Ron, but not the other two. Throw in that mass of undecideds, and again, you have a toss up.

It was rather cowardly of me to post anonymously, I will figure out how to not do that.

Thank you for your responses and in the end, we will all work hard to turn this state around. Perhaps we all need some of Parks's therapy:) NOT!

I am Coyote said...

Mannix's record is fully within bounds. Saxton is correct to hit either Mannix on his record or Atkinson on his lack of record.

However for Saxton me make Parks himself the center of this flap is out of bounds.

I would have held my nose and supported any conservative position Saxton would have posited in the general should he win. I will not now.

Mannix I would and of course Atkinson (as I am already a supporter.).

However Rob, Loren is a friend of mine and of our cause. Saxton set a dangerous precident and I will take the side of the movement conservatives over ANY politician any day.

Ron Saxton has shown that it is only a matter of time before he throws any conservative (including you?) under the bus for his own cause.