Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another poll shows Saxton with commanding lead

Survey USA released a poll today of more than 400 likely Republican voters. Saxton by 13%

This could mean that all the negative ads run by Mannix have fallen on deaf ears. My criticism of the last Survey USA poll was that they did not qualify likely voters. They did in this time. They excluded roughly half the people they called, as not likely to vote. That's about right - turnout last primary was 46%.

This poll was taken on two nights this week - after the Clapper ads and Mannix ads have had a little running room. But Saxton's lead has crystallized.

I'm biased, because I'm supporting Ron, but I find the story this poll tells to be credible.

If it is accurate, it means there is a good chance Ron is the nominee.

If/when that comes to pass, I hope my good friends and comrades in arms who supported one of the other candidates will help push Ron over the top in November.

I will certainly work hard to elect whichever Republican candidate wins. I assume every other committed Republican will do the same, whomever they supported in the primary.


RINO WATCH said...

You're obviously a better man than I to say you'll support the eventual R nominee.

Clothespin won't work for RinoWatch....

It's time to clean up our party.

The Cheezer said...

With the attack ads being run by Saxton and Mannix, how can you think he will win?
After the primary, the Dem’s will be replaying those ads against us.
Thanks for giving the enemy camp all they need to win another election.
Now, if you want a candidate that can win, Vote for Senator Jason Atkinson.
A man that refuses to sling mud.
Has not and will not run attack ads or speak ill against his opponents.
A true gentleman with only the states best interest at heart. said...

What is this in front of me? Why it is a big plate of crow!!! Okay, let's go Ron!!!! He is a RINO, but maybe, somehow, we can keep him on track.

Will the new casino in Hood River be on the Columbia so I can pull up my board and hit the craps table in my wet suit?

Rob Kremer said...

He's not a RINO!

No need to eat crow..... just work to get him elected!