Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Portland Tree Police

Just in case you thought that the City of Portland was starting to get it...... I get the email below forwarded from a friend.

Is this really what we want our government to be doing? Were you aware that there is an "Urban Forestry Division" in the Parks and Recreation department?

Of course they don't say what precisely a Tree Liaison will actually do, other than "promote proper tree care" and be a "resource" for the neighborhood. How will that actually manifest itself? " Will they police the neighborhoods to make sure that people treat their trees properly? A cadre of local tree police, deputized by the parks and recs dep't?

Such nonsense, and it is on your dime.

Help care for trees in your neighborhood by becoming a Neighborhood Tree Liaison. A Neighborhood Tree Liaison is a local leader who promotes proper tree care and serves as a resource for his/her neighborhood on tree issues. To become a Neighborhood Tree Liaison you do not need to know a lot about trees.

You do need to have a passion for trees, desire to learn, and the commitment to help. This program offered by Portland Parks Recreation teaches you about tree care, and then works with you to develop tree projects in your community. The Neighborhood Tree Liaison class teaches; tree biology, pruning, planting, preservation, tree identification and common tree diseases.

Classes are hands on, and taught by leading professionals in the tree care industry. The first class is on September 17th. Registration is required, and the cost is $20. For the complete class schedule and to sign up and call Portland Parks Recreation at 503-823-1650 or visit

Karl DawsonPortland Parks
Recreation Urban Forestry Division


Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

How much did THAT cost the taxpayers? And I love, love, love trees, but geez!!!!

What if people don't properly prune their trees? Or, if they don't water them? Will people be arrested?

NONSENSE and wasteful!

PanchoPdx said...

"Tree Liaison" sounds too bureaucratic for someone volunteering their spare time and "passion" for a neighborhood's trees.

My first choice would be "Ents".

Second choice: "Druids".

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M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

As a Portland area Certified Arborist based out of Beaverton, I keep an eye on this sort of thing.

Mainly, I appreciated good trees being spared, but also pity people who may be forced to keep trees that they can't afford.

So I think the main drawbacks of "Tree Police" may lie in potential lack of flexibility, and that the agenda often leans heavily toward policy, rather than a new solution tailored for each property.