Thursday, September 22, 2005

Penn & Teller on PETA

I didn't even know Penn & Teller, the offbeat comedian duo, did political stuff.

But you have to go watch this video exposing PETA for the radical violent hypocrites they are.

It's about 15 minutes long. Must see.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Penn & Teller had a show on Showtime called "bullshit" for one year or so. I saw most of the episodes. They were all great and very libertarian oriented. They supported genetically modified food, attacked environmentalists, questioned alternative medicine, etc. It was a great show.

Rob Kremer said...

Yeah, the link is to one of their "Bull***" shows. It is the first time I've seen it (I don't have showtime.) It's great.

Tony said...

Their show on enviros, and the one on recycling, were priceless. My friend is looking to get a copy of them for use converting young college age people and helpinghtem see the light.