Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just 2%... and our schools would be great. (We promise)

A local anesthesiologist wrote a piece for the Tribune that called for a 2% sales tax as a dedicated funding source for schools.

Click through to the link and read the column. It's really pretty funny in the over-the-top assertions that he makes, which he apparently thinks the reader should take on faith.

Here is what he says will happen if we send the extra $2 1/2 billion or so to schools:

"The quality of public education soars. The best teachers in the country compete to work in Oregon. Students learn more, learn faster and stay interested longer. Literacy rises. More literate high school graduates seek jobs with high potential, or plan for higher education. Welfare use drops. Recreational drug use declines. Teenage pregnancies go down. Prisons slowly empty as fewer criminals enter. New businesses look favorably on Oregon for relocation sites. And all of us enjoy safer streets."

Wow! A panacea! More money for schools will solve all our problems. Peace and prosperity will reign!

I just wonder - is the guy really that gullible? Or is his wife a teachers union boss?


gus miller said...

"The best teachers in the country compete to work in Oregon."

That will not happen in Portland District 1j as Article 10 of the collective bargaining agreement delays the hiring of new teachers until just before the new school year starts. The "best" teachers have have been hired long before that time.

Google portland association of teachers and you will find a links to the contract and Portland's teacher pay scale.

Sailor Republica said...

The anesthesiologist has been taking too much of his sleepy-gas, it seems.

Mr.Atos said...

Sadly, I think there are a LOT of Portlanders simply that (ahem, stupid!) gullible.