Monday, September 26, 2005

Imagine the headline: "A capitalist, but a friend of Nazis"

Did you catch the long and prominently placed obituary in the Oregonian about Ben Brostoff?

He was a Polish immigrant who came to the U.S., made a fortune in the pizza business, but was always enamored with communism. He took trips to Russia and China to admire their governments, which apparently never lost their shine to him even after the collapes of the Soviet bloc.

The article is written in a very positive tone. Almost like: "isn't it charming, this guy who made millions selling pizza was an open communist sympathizer all his life."

Why is it that it is considered OK to have cozied up to communism? The Soviet communists murdered tens of millions of people. It is the bloodiest government in the history of the planet - yet for some reason it is considered cute to be a communist.

Hitler never aspired to the kind of bloodbath brought about by Stalin. Yet I doubt a successful businessman who admired Nazi Germany would get a glowing obituary in the Oregonian.


Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

I have noticed the trend of the "O" to wax eulogetically about mostly leftists. Just like the New York Times obituaries.

The "happy little" Nazi lovin' commie. What a great guy. Lover of the murderers of millions.

But its all relative, right? What's not to like about a fan of mass? It's like baseball, right? You root for your favorite team. Yeah. Thats the ticket. Go, commies go!

The millions that have been murdered by Marxists over the years still bleed today thanks to guys like this.

Anonymous said...

I have said the same thing myself for years. Communist murders in the 20th Century conservatively totaled between 60-100 million people. Hitler was a piker in comparison. The reason most Americans don't fully comprehend this is because while Hollywood has made dozens of A-list pictures about the Nazi holocaust, how many A-list pictures have we seen about communist murdering? Only a handful and not many recently (the last one I can think of was The Killing Fields, 1984). They can't bring themsleves to tell the truth about the political philosophy they once openly admired.

Anonymous said...

He's just the Commie-o-the-week. The Oregonian is a continuing disaster for Oregonians.

Mr.Atos said...

If you want a glimpse of the respect bestowed upon Soviet Communism by their proteges in the Pacific Northwest, all you have to do is visit Fremont, Seattle, Washington and behold the 20ft bronze statue of Lenin that stands in the middle of town square.