Monday, December 07, 2009

Oregonian in denial

Gotta love the Oregonian's lead editorial on Sunday, the eve of the Copenhagen Climate Summit. After three weeks of failing to cover anything about ClimateGate, they open their piece with their "world-as-we-wish-it-was" stubbornness:

"The thousands of e-mail messages and files hacked from computers of some top climate scientists do not seriously undercut the science of global warming..."

Oh, not at all. Certainly you would think that such a bold assertion might be followed by something resembling supporting argumentation, but nope. Not at the Oregonian. Their assertion is proof enough. They say it, it is so. "Nuff said.

They proceed to dismiss the skeptics: "...the loudest sound since the hacking story broke is the cry of "Climategate!" by the small band of climate change skeptics..."

SMALL BAND? Oh, OK. Another "world-as-we-wish-it-was" statement.

The editorial staff has been hyping this issue for a decade. I guess I don't blame them too much for freaking out like this when the house of cards falls around their dearly held religion.

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OregonGuy said...

Have you heard of the terrible misfortune that has befallen our beloved Senator from Massachusetts?

Forty years ago?