Saturday, December 05, 2009

Another media cover up

Wouldn't you think that if the Vice President of the United States was at the center of a libel lawsuit in which a global warming skeptic scientist, whose work was a huge embarrassment to the VP, was being defamed by another scientists closely associated with the VP, and the result of the lawsuit was a complete and unequivocal apology and admission that every libelous utterance was untrue - wouldn't you think that this would be news?

Well, it wasn't. I sure never heard about it, and I have been paying very close attention to this issue for a long time.

Read this recount of the entire story. It is a case study in what the global warming crowd, led by its high priest AlGore, does to any dissenting scientists.

In this case, the scientist fought back and won an unconditional surrender that revealed the complete corruption of Gore and at least one prominent Harvard climate researcher.

Covered in the media? I sure never heard about it, and I pay close attention.


Anonymous said...

I believe a class-action lawsuit monetary damages from Al Gore, the U.N., scientists who promulgated the hoax and etc is in order. Their actions have cost Americans trillions of dollars in increased costs for taxes, transportation, housing, energy and so on and this money should be recovered out of their hides.

MAX Redline said...

Killer find!

Side note: I was really bummed when Brainstorm NW folded.

Me said...

Mr. Kremer,

You should consider becoming a science journalist.
Perhaps David Appell could advise you on how to achieve that?

Dear Mr. Appell,

It would appear Mr. Kremer is a far better science journalist than you. How can that be?
After all you're so smart you discovered Hurricane Katrina was caused by AGW.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Rob. Looks like a book chapter, right? A little searching produced a title and author, but it is not in my library. However a little more searching and ... it turns out the entire thing is available over the web. wow!

EH said...

So, you remember from 1994 that it was not covered in the Oregonian? Or that it was not covered in any of the major newspapers at that time? Did you do any research and check?

JorgXMcKie said...

EH, (eh?), your reading comprehension abilities appear to be almost as good as Al Gore's general scientific abilities -- a i.e. not so hot.

Perhaps *you* could do some digging and come up with link from the Oregonian that demonstrates Mr. Kremer missed a front page story?

Burn any strawmen lately?

EH said...

The issue he is talking about occurred in 1993/1994. If Rob is relying on memory, I think it is understandable to be skeptical because 15 years is a long time, and that is not the sort of thing a person usually remembers. If he actually did research, and couldn't find any articles or stories in major news outlets, and the Oregonian, at that time, then he has made a valid point. I was clarifying what the case was before I came to any conclusions.

I think my reading comprehension is just fine thank you. However, if you care to point out exactly where my error was, rather than just making the accusation, I'll be happy to either apologize or point out where you were wrong.

I'm not sure how that relates to a "straw man" argument. Perhaps you care to explain?

OregonGuy said...

A lot of good Singer links here:

Anonymous said...

The only part of the article that caused me to choke was Ted Koppel's characterization of Al Gore as "scientifically literate". I'm surprised Gore can even spell CO2.