Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bruce Hanna is not running for Governor

It really pains me to announce that Bruce Hanna will not be running for Governor.

I spoke to Bruce this morning about his decision. He does not plan a general announcement, but did ask me to let people know. His decision was not made lightly, and it hinged far more on personal family and business issues than it did on political considerations.

I am very disappointed, because Bruce would have easily been the best candidate in the race on either side.


OregonGuy said...

Mr. Hanna is a gentleman and did a grand job attempting to herd the cats that comprise the Republican caucus.

Do you know, Rob, whether or not Mr. Hanna intends to run for re-election?

Rob Kremer said...

Yes he will be running for his House seat and will continue his efforts to win more seats for the House Republicans.

Anonymous said...

This is tragic. Bruce would have easily won the primary and would have probably won the general in this environment.

But most important, this state needs him badly. Any chance he reconsiders? Horrible news. Dudley announced today.

That is: DUD. Ley.