Thursday, April 09, 2009

A really horrible tragedy

If you follow baseball, you may have seen the news. A terrific young ballplayer who just this season broke into the starting rotation for the Los Angeles Angels, died last night in a car accident just hours after his first start of the season.

His name is Nick Adenhart. I know his mom and dad. Last summer I sat with his mom in PGE park as he pitched a game against the Beavers.

I am so sad about this. Nick was a terrific young man. He was on the cusp of the majors for two years, had three starts for the Angels last season when one of their pitchers was on the DL. He had a great spring training and made the opening day roster, pitching his first start last night where he went 6 full innings with no earned runs.

Hours later he was dead, victim of a hit and run driver who ran a red light.

I can only imagine what his parents, Jan and Duane are going through. They are really wonderful people. They live in the Chicago area. Jan's brother is a HS football coach in the Seattle area.

I am honestly close to tears as I write this.


Lois said...

I'm so sorry Rob.

Me Too said...

Life is so unfair at times. A creep lives on while a good kid has his life taken. Prayers from here for Nick & his family.