Thursday, April 02, 2009

Easiest question ever!

I had to laugh at the headline of the article on the front page of the the Oregonian today.

So where do YOU want MAX to stop?

Gee, I have an idea. How about we stop right now? We've already wasted about $10 billion.


Me said...

Well you took my reaction verbatim. Stop reading my mind.

It's a real funny paper this morning.

It leads off with where to put more MAX but a story on Rockwood where MAX first began running 25 years ago details the sustained crime and blight along MAX in that area. Never mind the 25 years of promises that MAX spurs private development.
But then the lead editorial talks about Metro's failures to plan growth that works. Then it's back to the future with them pretending Metro may have learned something.
Everything we can observe today shows an acceleration of what does not work being perpetrated by the same people and agencies who directed the last 25 years.

Where do we want more MAX? Why would we want to replicate Rockwood, The Round at Beaverton, Cascade Station, Gateway, SoWa or any other Metro/TriMet flop?

Stop MAX here and now.
It's a parasite devouring resources, spreading crime while failing miserably to accommodate growth and traffic needs.

The two current boneheaded ideas of forcing it across the Columbia to Vancouver ($2 Billion ) and the Milwaukie extension
that will devour another $2 billion for 7 miles of new MAX.

OregonGuy said...

Dead in its tracks.

Me Too! said...

I'd like MAX to take a long run off of a short pier. IOW, close up their boondoggle that is a leach on businesses and go to hell.